Despite new findings, the media begins to ignore the IRS Scandal

r620 286f716752e90b65403626c131432df5 550x340 Despite new findings, the media begins to ignore the IRS Scandal
Of course the media started covering up the scandal. The Obama admin probably cut some more backdoor deals in order to stop it.

VIA Washington Examiner :

That was fast–but not unexpected. The media frenzy over the IRS scandal, which dominated the Big Three networks for two weeks, has practically disappeared from the news, according to a new report.

The dominant story in May when ABC, CBS and NBC crawled over each other for new details and provided 96 stories on morning and evening broadcasts has fallen to just one this week on ABC’s Good Morning America, according to the Media Research Center. In some cases, it was replaced by the National Security Agency snooping scandal.

MRC analysts reviewed each of the morning and evening newscasts on the Big Three from May 10 through June 12 and found 127 full stories, interviews or anchor briefs that focused on the IRS scandal. Analysts determined that 76 percent of the IRS stories were aired within the first two weeks, while 24 percent of the stories arrived in the latter period, a huge drop-off, MRC said in a report on the web page.

CBS ran 49, NBC 44 and ABC 34.

“By May 24, the Big Three network anchors and reporters seemed ready to move on from the story. The release of embarrassing IRS conference training videos featuring a Star Trek spoof and employees learning how to line dance, all on the taxpayers’ dime, and congressional testimony from conservatives bullied by the IRS, failed to reignite the furious pace of stories from the first two weeks of the scandal,” said MRC.

The only coverage so far this week of the IRS imbroglio was when ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked Rep. John Boehner about it on the June 11 Good Morning America.

Hundreds of Government workers involved in Medicare insider trading scandal

barack obama medicare Hundreds of Government workers involved in Medicare insider trading scandal

Another scandal. What more can I say but it seems like every part of our government has been infiltrated by people who only care about themselves.

VIA Washington Post :

Hundreds of federal employees were given advance word of a Medicare decision worth billions of dollars to private insurers in the weeks before the official announcement, a period when trading in the shares of those firms spiked.

The surge of trading in Humana’s and other private health insurers’ stock before the April 1 announcement already has prompted the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate whether Wall Street investors had advance access to inside information about the then-confidential Medicare funding plan.

Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) told The Washington Post late last week that his office reviewed the e-mail records of employees at the Department of Health and Human Services and found that 436 of them had early access to the Medicare decision as much as two weeks before it was made public.

The number of federal employees with advance knowledge is surely higher; the figures Grassley’s staff compiled did not include people at the White House’s Office of Management and Budget who also saw the information. The e-mail records of those employees have not been made available to Grassley.

The discovery that sensitive information was so widely disseminated could complicate the forensic task for investigators trying to determine who may have leaked confidential information, and it brings further attention to the government’s handling of policy details valued by Wall Street traders.

“This should sound an alarm,” Grassley said. “It should result in better controls to avoid unfair access to information that the average investor could never tap.”

Tracing leaks of confidential financial information can be especially challenging in official Washington, where Congress and the executive branch — along with the reporters and lobbyists who track them — are accustomed to a relatively unfettered exchange of information, compared with the more regulated environment on Wall Street.

The potential sensitivity of such exchanges was brought home for Grassley last month, when the Justice Department hand-delivered to his office a letter asking for details about a staff member’s communications with a former staffer. That former Grassley staffer was a lobbyist who occasionally worked in the burgeoning field of “political intelligence,” which specializes in providing government information to investors for a fee.

Despite Scandals, IRS Buying large amounts of Spying Equipment

obama shut up and obey 550x440 Despite Scandals, IRS Buying large amounts of Spying Equipment

Its almost as if the IRS isn’t even trying to hide the fact its spying on people and using that data to target Obama’s enemies.

VIA CNS News :

The IRS, currently in the midst of scandals involving the targeting of conservative groups and lavish taxpayer-funded conferences, is ordering surveillance equipment that includes hidden cameras in coffee trays, plants and clock radios.

The IRS wants to secure the surveillance equipment quickly – it posted a solicitation on June 6 and is looking to close the deal by Monday, June 10.  The agency already has a company lined up for the order but is not commenting on the details.

“The Internal Revenue Service intends to award a Purchase Order to an undisclosed Corporation,” reads the solicitation.

“The following descriptions are vague due to the use and nature of the items,” it says.

“If you feel that you can provide the following equipment, please respond to this email no later than 4 days after the solicitation date,” the IRS said.

Among the items the agency will purchase are four “Covert Coffee tray(s) with Camera concealment,” and four “Remote surveillance system(s)” with “Built-in DVD Burner and 2 Internal HDDs, cameras.”

The IRS also is buying four cameras to hide in plants: “(QTY 4) Plant Concealment Color 700 Lines Color IP Camera Concealment with Single Channel Network Server, supports dual video stream, Poe [Power over Ethernet], software included, case included, router included.”

Finishing out the order are four “Color IP Camera Concealment with single channel network server, supports dual video stream, poe, webviewer and cms software included, audio,” and two “Concealed clock radio.”

ANOTHER SCANDAL! Obama’s State Department manipulated investigations

barack obama face palm 550x360 ANOTHER SCANDAL! Obamas State Department manipulated investigations

Another day, another scandal. What number are we on now? I am starting to lose track. It seems like every day there is a new scandal exposing Obama’s culture of corruption.

VIA Daily Caller :

In order to avoid scandal, the State Department allegedly altered or dismissed investigations into illegal behavior of multiple government officials worldwide, including the sexual exploits of an American ambassador, CBS reported Monday.

A memo obtained by CBS from the State Department inspector general identified eight separate cases of illegal behavior where investigations were manipulated or called off.

In one case, a cover-up saved the career of a US ambassador in a sensitive diplomatic post believed to be propositioning prostitutes. According to a memo from the inspector general’s 2011 investigation, the ambassador “routinely ditched his protective security detail” in order to “solicit sexual favors from prostitutes” in a park.

According to CBS sources, he flew to Washington to meet with Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy, but afterwards returned to his post.

In Baghdad, an “underground drug ring” allegedly supplied drugs to State Department security contractors. In Beirut, members of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s former security detail “engaged prostitutes while on official trips in foreign countries.”

Obama admin orders Military to block news scandals from military members.

AirForceNotice1 550x512 Obama admin orders Military to block news scandals from military members.

Do we know for sure it was Obama who ordered this? Nope, but anyone who honestly believes he didn’t have something to do with this, please vacate LaLa land as soon as possible.


President Obama has said the outrage over the federal government’s decision to monitor citizens’ phone activity is all “hype.”

He might want to share his opinion with the U.S. Air Force, which is ordering members of the service not to look at news stories about it.

WND has received an unclassified NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) that warns airmen not to look at news stories related to the data-mining scandal.

The notice applies to users of the Air Force NIPRNET (Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network), which is the only way that many troops stationed overseas and on bases in the U.S. are able to access the Internet.

The last line of the executive summary states:

“Users are not to use AF NIPRNET systems to access the Verizon phone records collection and other related news stories because the action could constitute a Classified Message Incident.”

Cindy McGee, the mother of an airman stationed in the UAE, spoke with WND.

“The fact that our government is attempting to censor our service members from the truth of what is happening here at home is truly frightening and disheartening,” said McGee.

Her son received the same notice.

A New Scandal Rocks the White House, Transparency claim exposed as a huge lie

barack obama richard nixon 550x289 A New Scandal Rocks the White House, Transparency claim exposed as a huge lie

As I have stated numerous times. If a liberal politician claims over and over they support something, beware! they probably do everything they can to do the opposite. In this case, its transparency. Yet another lie that has been exposed over and over in the past 5yrs under this administration.

VIA American Thinker :

The Associated Press has uncovered what may become a vast new scandal for the Obama administration: the possibly widespread use of covert email accounts by political appointees, enabling evasion of sunshine laws designed to protect the public. Jack Gillium of AP reports:


Some of President Barack Obama’s political appointees, including the Cabinet secretary for the Health and Human Services Department, are using secret government email accounts they say are necessary to prevent their inboxes from being overwhelmed with unwanted messages, according to a review by The Associated Press.

The scope of using the secret accounts across government remains a mystery: Most U.S. agencies have failed to turn over lists of political appointees’ email addresses, which the AP sought under the Freedom of Information Act more than three months ago. The Labor Department initially asked the AP to pay more than $1 million for its email addresses.

IRS also targeted Pro-Israel groups that spoke out against Obama

Barack Obama Anti Semite in Chief 550x875 IRS also targeted Pro Israel groups that spoke out against Obama

Based on his policies regarding Israel, this comes as no surprise he also targeted groups that supported Israel and not him.

VIA Free Beacon :

Washington Free Beacon investigation has identified at least five pro-Israel organizations that have been audited by the IRS in the wake of a coordinated campaign by White House-allied activist groups in 2009 and 2010.

These organizations, some of which are too afraid of government reprisals to speak publicly, say in interviews with the Free Beacon that they now believe the IRS actions may have been coordinated by the Obama administration.

Many of the charities openly clashed with the Obama administration’s policy of opposing Israeli settlement construction over the so-called “Green Line,” which marks the pre-1967 boundary between Israel and the West Bank and West and East Jerusalem.

After the Obama administration took up the Israeli-Palestinian peace process as one of its most prominent foreign policy priorities in early 2009, and made a cessation of Israeli settlement construction the cornerstone of its approach, the nonprofits were subjected to a string of unflattering media reports.

White House-allied lobbying groups joined the media criticism by challenged the nonprofits’ tax-exempt status, arguing that they undercut President Barack Obama’s Middle East policies.

“Our concern at that time was that these articles weren’t just appearing by happenstance, but may have reflected an evolving policy shift in the Obama administration to scrutinize charitable giving by organizations on behalf of Jewish communities and institutions over the Green Line,” said Jerusalem-based attorney Marc Zell, who convened a private meeting of pro-Israel groups in August 2009 to discuss these concerns.

Tax-exempt charities that support Israeli settlements have been the subject of controversy for years. But the issue came to a head after Obama made opposition to settlement construction a focus of his Middle East policy in 2009 and demanded Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu halt all construction beyond the Green Line, including in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem.

The Obama admin shopped for Judges to allow DOJ to illegally wiretap Fox News reporters

barack obama eric holder criminals The Obama admin shopped for Judges to allow DOJ to illegally wiretap  Fox News reporters

Good read. The more we learn about this scandal the scarier it gets to think about how easy this could happen to all of us regular folks.

VIA The New Yorker :

The Obama Administration fought to keep a search warrant for James Rosen’s private e-mail account secret, arguing to a federal judge that the government might need to monitor the account for a lengthy period of time.

The new details are revealed in a court filing detailing a back and forth between the Justice Department and the federal judges who oversaw the request to search a Gmail account belonging to Rosen, a reporter for Fox News. A 2009 article Rosen had written about North Korea sparked an investigation; Ronald C. Machen, Jr., the U.S. Attorney who is prosecuting Stephen Jin-Woo Kim, a former State Department adviser who allegedly leaked classified information to Rosen, insisted that the reporter should not be notified of the search and seizure of his e-mails, even after a lengthy delay.


E-mails, Machen wrote, “are commonly used by subjects or targets of the criminal investigation at issue, and the e-mail evidence derived from those compelled disclosures frequently forms the core of the Government’s evidence supporting criminal charges.”

He argued that disclosure of the search warrant would preclude the government from monitoring the account, should such a step become necessary in the investigation. Machen added that “some investigations are continued for many years because, while the evidence is not yet sufficient to bring charges, it is sufficient to have identified criminal subjects and/or criminal activity serious enough to justify continuation of the investigation.”

IRS refuses to Comply With Congressional Demand for All Communications With White House..

Obama Corruption 300x217 IRS refuses  to Comply With Congressional Demand for All Communications With White House..

They’ve most likely already been warned by Obama if they expose he’s behind it they’re going to have to deal with him using every agency he can to destroy them.

VIA CNS News :

What did the White House know about the IRS targeting conservative groups and when did it know it?

Crucial evidence needed to develop an accurate answer to that question would include the records of any communications that went back and forth between the IRS and the White House on the topic.

In a May 14 letter signed by Chairman Dave Camp and Ranking Member Sander Levin, the House Ways and Means Committee demanded precisely those records from the IRS. In the same letter, the committee also demanded the records of any communications between IRS and the Treasury on the matter, plus other information and records that would help the committee understand the facts about IRS actions that subjected to heightened scrutiny conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

Chairman Camp and Ranking Member Levin gave the IRS a deadline of Tuesday, May 21 to comply with their committee’s demand for the information and records.

The IRS–which requires working Americans to file their tax returns by an April 15 deadline each year or else face penalties–did not comply with this deadline imposed by the congressional committee that has oversight over its activities.

“The Committee has not received a response to the Camp-Levin letter,” House Ways and Means Spokeswoman Sarah Swinehart told late Tuesday after the IRS had closed for business for the day.

“Chairman Camp expects the IRS to comply and provide full and complete responses to the letter since many of these questions were asked, but went unanswered, in Friday’s hearing,” said Swinehart.