(Videos) HIDING SOMETHING? Listen to Democrat’s Chuck Schumer, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton respond when asked about Democrats and Socialism

HillChuck (Videos) HIDING SOMETHING? Listen to Democrats Chuck Schumer, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton respond when asked about Democrats and Socialism

Does anyone else find it disturbing that neither of these two would admit they themselves are actually socialist, or even discuss the Democratic Party and its socialists ideals? Clearly they are hiding something! Look at the history of liberalism/socialism/progressivism in the modern-day Democratic Party, they all seem to have the same agenda!

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POLL : Most American’s think Black’s are more racist than Whites and Hispanics

black white election 2012 don t be a racist vote obama 7093e7 550x413 POLL : Most Americans think Blacks are more racist than Whites and Hispanics

Well looking at a lot of the youtube videos leading up to the election and reelection of Barack Obama, this comes as no surprise.

VIA Rasmussen :

Americans consider blacks more likely to be racist than whites and Hispanics in this country.

Thirty-seven percent (37%) of American Adults think most black Americans are racist, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Just 15% consider most white Americans racist, while 18% say the same of most Hispanic Americans. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

There is a huge ideological difference on this topic. Among conservative Americans, 49% consider most blacks racist, and only 12% see most whites that way. Among liberal voters, 27% see most white Americans as racist, and 21% say the same about black Americans.

From a partisan perspective, 49% of Republicans see most black Americans as racist, along with 36% of unaffiliated adults and 29% of Democrats.

Among black Americans, 31% think most blacks are racist, while 24% consider most whites racist and 15% view most Hispanics that way.

Among white adults, 10% think most white Americans are racist; 38% believe most blacks are racist, and 17% say most Hispanics are racist.

Overall, just 30% of all Americans now rate race relations in the United States as good or excellent. Fourteen percent (14%) describe them as poor. Twenty-nine percent (29%) think race relations are getting better, while 32% believe they are getting worse. Thirty-five percent (35%) feel they are staying about the same.

These figures reflect more pessimism than was found in April when 42% gave race relations positive marks and 39% said race relations were improving.  However, the April number reflected all-time highs while the current numbers are more consistent with the general attitudes of recent years.

AGAIN! Obama delays Obamacare employer mandate until after 2014 Elections to help Democrats, says Treasury

obamacare barack obama AGAIN! Obama delays Obamacare employer mandate until after 2014 Elections to help Democrats, says Treasury

This seems to happen every single election now. Obama delays key parts of ObamaCare or other bills that he doesn’t want to become a topic of discussion Dem’s know will harm their chances. Trickery. Sadly the media will still cover for Democrats and act like those bills are going to be fantastic. Until they become active.

VIA Daily Mail :

A Treasury Department official who declined to be named confirmed to MailOnline on Tuesday that the Obama administration will not begin enforcing employer mandates in the Obamacare law until 2015 – one year later than originally planned – and pinned that change of direction on a combination of politics and economic realities in the marketplace.

Mark Mazur, the Assistant Treasury Secretary for Tax Policy, announced on the agency’s blog that the administration ‘will provide an additional year before the … mandatory employer and insurer reporting requirements begin.’

The blog post explained that the delay was intended to leave time to simplify reporting requirements and give companies time to adapt.

But the Treasury source said the extra year will give the White House an extra year to persuade health insurers to participate in the exchanges that make up the backbone of the Affordable Care Act.

The revised timetable, the source added, will also push back the final implementation of Obamacare’s penalties past the 2014 midterm elections, providing Republicans fewer chances to highlight the law’s potentially harmful effects on businesses’ bottom lines.

IRONY : Mass. Dem’s seek a waiver from ObamaCare, despite the state being the foundation of it…

obamacare bad 1a 550x412 IRONY : Mass. Dems seek a waiver from ObamaCare, despite the state being the foundation of it...

Some times you read things like this and you really have to wonder if there are a lot of schizophrenic’s in the Democratic party.

VIA Forbes :

A very interesting ACA development is taking place in Massachusetts today as the state that “inspired” Obamacare tries to reconcile its current law with the new federal law. Push back in the compliance effort is coming from an unexpected source, the senior Democratic budget writer in the State Senate, Senator Stephen Brewer, presumably with support from the Senate President as well. The amendment that was filed would force President Obama’s good friend Governor Deval Patrick (D), and his Administration, to seek a waiver from certain elements of Obamacare. The move could come to a head if the provision lands on the Governor’s desk, resulting in an embarrassing political moment for the Obama Administration since the ACA is forcing significant changes to a state law they claim acted as a model in Washington.

Turns out, the conventional wisdom comparing Romneycare and Obamacare has proven to be overly simplistic, as this is the third ACA-related bill being debated in the Commonwealth. The latest sizable 100-section bill controversially writes into law an abdication of insurance regulation to the federal government and is the basis for the amendment. While state officials have known for some time that the ACA-required changes to rating factors would result in “extreme premium increases” and spike premiums for 60% of small companies(some as high as 50+%) in the state, the best the Patrick Administration could do was spread the increases out over 3 years under an agreement from CMS.

Treasury finds that the IRS targeted 292 Tea Party groups, only 6 liberal groups… Exposing the liberal lie it was all groups.

barack obama richard nixon 550x289 Treasury finds that the IRS targeted 292 Tea Party groups, only 6 liberal groups... Exposing the liberal lie it was all groups.

Well anyone who believed liberal politicians and commentators that “Tea Party” was really just a codeword for ALL groups is clearly an idiot. This just proves the IRS was told to target people who disagreed with Obama so he could win the election. We already know people in the White House knew about it as well. Now the question is, did Obama order it or at least know about it? Chances are, yes! If he didn’t, he is incompetent and unfit to lead this country. Not that we needed this to expose that though.

VIA Washington Examiner :

Refuting Democratic suggestions that progressive groups were also swept up in the IRS probe of the tax status of Tea Party organizations, the Treasury Department’s inspector general has revealed that just six progressive groups were targeted compared to 292 conservative groups.

In a letter to congressional Democrats, the inspector general also said that 100 percent of Tea Party groups seeking special tax status were put under IRS review, while only 30 percent of the progressive groups felt the same pressure.

The Wednesday letter to the top Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee punched a huge hole in Democratic claims that progressive groups were targeted as much as the Tea Party groups from May 2010-May 2012, the height of the Tea Party movement.

The letter from the Treasury Department Inspector General for Tax Administration revealed that there just weren’t many progressive groups who even sought special tax exempt status. A total of 20 sought it, and six were probed. All 292 Tea Party groups, meanwhile, were part of the IRS witchhunt.

DNC already crying racism and flat out lying as they beg for money over Supreme Court Voting Rights Act decision

race card v1 DNC already crying racism and flat out lying as they beg for money over Supreme Court Voting Rights Act decision

Here we go again, more fake cries of racism from the left followed with immediate calls for people to send them money. It seems that they’ve resorted to doing two things, screaming racism and begging for money in recent years. Typical debate with a liberal… “Obama eats Raisin Bran? Eh, I prefer Total K it tastes better” – Conservative. “That is seriously racist, you radical conservative :: starts fundraiser to support Obama and beg’s Raisin Bran to endorse it ::” – Liberal.

VIA Washington Examiner :

The Democratic National Committee was swift to slam the Supreme Court’s decision to gut the Voting Rights Act as “an injustice.” And they’ve already started to raise money off the decision, with plans to target Republicans they claim are fighting voters’ rights.

“We faced a setback with the Supreme Court’s decision today, that’s for sure. I can’t sugarcoat that. But I hope you won’t give up, because let me tell you — I am most certainly not giving up. Stand with Democrats who are fighting Republican attacks on voting rights,” urged DNC member Donna Brazile Tuesday in her note posted below.

Friend —

The Voting Rights Act, first signed into law in 1965, was a keystone victory of the civil rights movement. American citizens withstood beatings, fire hoses and dogs to see the law passed. Some even gave their lives.

And for decades since, the law has protected the right to vote for millions of America’s citizens— regardless of faith, color or creed.

Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court striking down parts of this important law is more than a disappointment — it’s an injustice. But we can’t let it discourage us or force us out of this fight.

There is so much more work we can do to ensure everyone has the right — and the ability — to vote. That’s the work Democrats are doing every day.

Say you’re with me and Democrats who are fighting to protect the right to vote for all Americans— add your name today.

Fundamentally transform the United States? Immigration Bill could break USA into two countries – Buchanan

Barack Obama Fundamentally Transform USA 550x281 Fundamentally transform the United States? Immigration Bill could break USA into two countries   Buchanan

This seems to be exactly what Obama is hoping for, amnesty for illegal immigrants, bringing over thousands of Syrian immigrants, giving money and military weaponry to countries like Egypt that are controlled by anti-American terrorists. It seems as if fundamentally transforming America actually meant destroying it.

VIA Daily Caller :

On Andrea Tantaros radio show last week, conservative columnist and author Pat Buchanan warned of an unintended consequence of the immigration reform bill, a bill which doesn’t place a high priority on assimilation.

According to Tantaros, her previous guest, former New York Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey, said that the immigration legislation funnels money to so-called community organizing groups like La Raza with the idea of teaching immigrants “American history, the Constitution and civic participation.” That leaves open the possibility of activist groups teaching with a partisan slant — and impedes assimilation.

Buchanan, author of “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?”explained that when different cultures are encouraged to assimilate, nations are susceptible to splitting apart, pointing to recent history as proof.

“With regard to the history and the teaching of it — this is one of the problems I’ve talked about when you have a single-culture single nation, you have basically a single culture,” Buchanan said. “If you indoctrinate or teach kids different views about what their country and how it began, what you get is a growing disintegration of the country, a fragmentation into different parts. And we see this happening all over the world. In the last few decades where ethnic groups and linguistic minorities and ethnic minorities, cultural minorities, given the pressures of ethno-nationalism, [they] are breaking up countries all over the world. It’s happening all over the Middle East. It happened in the Balkans where Yugoslavia broke up into seven countries. The Soviet Union broke up into 15 countries.”

Pro-Democrat Union Goons threaten Non-Union Hurricane Sandy Cleanup Workers and their families

Big Unions 2012 in the bag for Obama 550x427 Pro Democrat Union Goons threaten Non Union Hurricane Sandy Cleanup Workers and their families

Yet another example at the types of people Democrats have financing them getting away with threats and harassment. Even as they constantly claim conservative groups are actually the violent ones. Yet another example of how liberals use transference to get away with doing what they claim their political foes are doing.

VIA Daily Caller :

Unionized local employees repeatedly harassed and intimidated non-union workers of a private disaster cleanup firm that won a government contract to restore Long Island, New York, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

The vice president of the union even made threats against the wife and kids of one of the workers. That worker felt it necessary to call the police and pursue other security measures to protect his family, a source told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

After Hurricane Sandy devastated the New York and New Jersey shoreline in late October, Looks Great Services (LGS) won a bid to haul away debris, clear roads and remove damaged trees. New York’s Nassau County hired the company to complete $70 million worth of repairs.

Soon thereafter, representatives of Local 138, a union representing heavy equipment operators, began visiting construction sites, demanding that the company hire unionized employees to help with the job.

But LGS was paying its workers — some of whom came from out of state — market-based wages, rather than union wages, in compliance with federal law regarding disaster recovery jobs.

“If the contract is union, we are union, if it’s not, we’re not,” said Kristian Agoglia, president of LGS, in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

His answer didn’t satisfy the union, which began making inflammatory statements to workers at LGS construction sites.

IRS Reinstated Radical Muslim group in USA’s Tax Exempt status while targeting Conservative groups


obama with muslims 550x366 IRS Reinstated Radical Muslim group in USAs Tax Exempt status while targeting Conservative groups

Yet another example of Obama and his cronies helping Pro-Democrat, radical Muslim groups with ties to terrorist groups while attacking conservatives. This proves Obama is more scared of conservatives than groups who are funded by terrorist groups.

VIA Investors Business Daily :

While the IRS was hassling any nonprofit group with the word “patriot” in its name, it was rubberstamping exemptions for “Islamic” groups, even organizations that violate disclosure laws.

Worse, it was even finding favor with nonprofits tied to terrorism — namely, the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, which not coincidentally is yoked to the Democratic Party.

Despite being blackballed by the FBI, which still suspects it’s fronting for Hamas, and despite failing to file annual tax reports as required by federal law, CAIR apparently has found friends in high places at the nation’s powerful taxing authority.

Last year, in the middle of the national election season, the IRS quietly agreed to reinstate CAIR’s tax-exempt status, allowing it to resume raising tax-free donations just in time for Ramadan, a key time for Muslim charitable giving.

According to the Religion News Service, the IRS in June 2012 sent CAIR’s national office a letter stating the nonprofit had regained its exemption after losing it the previous year. Several GOP lawmakers had asked for an audit of CAIR after a book exposing its internal operations, “Muslim Mafia,” reported the Islamist outfit had skipped filing IRS Form 990s for at least three years in a row.

When all else fails, Lie. Dem. Senator Hoyer claims NSA recording all info is legal, but Bush’s wiretaps on terrorists weren’t

NSA Obama 550x374 When all else fails, Lie. Dem. Senator Hoyer claims NSA recording all info is legal, but Bushs wiretaps on terrorists werent

Here we go again, Democrats attempting to rewrite history to brush off their attempt to spy on every American. Democrats are still claiming Bush’s wiretaps on terrorists weren’t legal, despite courts saying they were. But also claiming recording everything American’s do IS legal? The stupidity of these people is baffling.

VIA The Hill :

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Tuesday defended the Obama administration’s domestic spying programs, arguing that, unlike the secret surveillance under President George W. Bush, the current programs appear legal.

“The difference between this program and the Bush program [is that] the Bush program was not sanctioned by law; this is pursuant to law,” Hoyer told reporters in the Capitol. “I think that’s a very important distinction that some people don’t draw, but they ought to draw.”

Hoyer, the Democratic whip, joined a growing list of congressional leaders from both parties in arguing that Edward Snowden, a former CIA contractor who leaked information about the spying programs, has jeopardized national security.

“This certainly compromises the intelligence gathering abilities of the United States and to that extent is helpful to … those who would cause us harm,” he said.

The National Security Agency (NSA) has come under the spotlight in the last week after The Guardian revealed that the agency is collecting data related to all phone calls — foreign and domestic — made on the Verizon network. The Guardian and The Washington Post also uncovered a separate NSA program, dubbed PRISM, that’s gathering Internet data from foreign users.