These celebs say they’ll leave the country if Trump is elected, one more reason to vote for him

donald trump laughing

Every election cycle we get hear about celebrities who “threaten” to leave the country if someone they dislike is elected, this election is no different. The only difference between this time and the others is these idiots want to leave based off of the media distorting the candidates words to the point it pisses people off.

Now let’s see the faces of these morons…
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WHO IS RACIST? Democrat Ryan Winkler calls Black Supreme Court Justice an Uncle Tom after Voting Rights Act decision

Ryan Winkler - Uncle Thomas

We JUST posted about the DNC crying racism… Here… 

At the same time Democrats were already making a fool out of themselves by using well known racist terms and then turning around and claiming they didn’t know they were racist. The hypocrisy of these morons is simply baffling. Cry racism, then say a well known racist term directed at someone you disagree with. Liberal Logic 101…

Ryan Winkler - Uncle Thomas - Apology