The Views Joy Behar Thinks Bill Mahers Racism, and Kathy Griffins Beheading Is Excusable, Because They’re Anti-Trump

If you wanted a glaring example of how liberals are quick to excuse fellow liberals for racist comments and absolutely disgusting actions, look no further than Joy Behar’s attempt to brushoff 2 major scandals plaguing 2 well-known liberals.


During the Monday show on The View, Joy Behar attempted to brushoff Bill Mahers racist comments by calling himself a “house n*gger” as much ado about nothing…


HBO called the comment “completely inexcusable,” then refused to fire him, or give him as much as a slap on the wrist.



“Bill Maher is one of the good guys in this fight against Trump right now,” Behar said.


Joy then attempted to deflect while claiming she wasn’t trying to deflect by stating “Not to deflect from what he said, because he already apologized, but Donald Trump and his people that ran his real estate agency, they actually practiced racism,” she added. “They discriminated against black people in housing.”


In reference to a lawsuit that was settled with “zero admission of guilt” back in 1973.


“Let’s not lose perspective about comedians and ‘words’ and things that comedians are saying,” Behar said.


Then attempted to brushoff Kathy Griffin’s Isis style mock beheading of Pres. Trump as something people should “Get over it!”

Which is a bit ironic considering Joy just brought up a case from 1973 while trying to paint President Trump as a racist.

Source: Yahoo/Business Insider 

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  • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

    Decent Democrats are appalled. While they were not happy with the election and have been quick to react to phony stuff, they do not like the attacks on a child, nor do they like the rabid craziness going on. Many were white flighters during school integration and will not be living in communities with refugees/illegals as well. They vote the party and point out things they don’t like, but they are not evil. One man did tell me Trump wasn’t worthy of me and I told this man I had known for 70 years I wouldn’t have thought Hillary was worthy of him. Still amazes me. He said you needed a better candidate. I replied so did you. No connect at all.