Muslim Refugees Sexually Assaulting Australian Women Are Getting No Jail Time, Because of “Cultural Differences”

A 17-year-old Afghan born refugee who was busted groping 8 separate women gets off with absolutely no jail time simply because of cultural differences.

Originally, the so-called 17-year-old was being charged as an adult simply because of his appearance and the fact that he entered the country with absolutely no birth records from Afghanistan.


After hearing his charges, the defendant suddenly claimed he was 17 years old and was sentenced as a juvenile instead of an adult.



But this isn’t the first time that a Muslim refugee has been given a free pass for sexually assaulting women in Australia.


A Melbourne court let a Muslim taxi cab driver off of his sexual assault charges after declaring he was a victim of PTSD in 2015.


The taxicab driver decided to sexually assault a young girl who decided to not listen to her mother and sat in the front seat next to the driver. Which is when he decided to sexually assault the young woman.


The man’s lawyer even went as far as blaming the young girl for daring to sit in the front seat unlike other women.


She sat in the front seat … she was advised by her mum not to do that,” barrister Ben Mallick, acting for driver Omar Hassan, told the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.


She can avoid this happening by doing what other women do … by sitting in the back seat.


“He grew up in a climate of fear and persecution,” Mr Capell said.


“He obviously worked incredibly hard without support others have.” However, he stressed the crimes were a serious breach of trust. “It strikes at the very heart of the trust people place in people who drive taxis,” Mr Capell said.


For some reason Muslims in Australia and in Europe are being given free passes for crimes that if a natural born citizen would have committed, they would be in jail!


Source: Herald Sun / ABC


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