Antifa Goons Assault an Elderly Woman, Then Laugh at Her during Yesterday’s Free Speech March in Portland

The leftist terrorist group, Antifa, has once again reared their ugly head and exposed their true agenda! Which is ‘silence anybody who disagrees with you, including elderly women’…

Watch as the leftist goons launch an assault when an elderly woman attempts to walk through their crowd in order to get to the other side of the street.


At one point the elderly lady pulls out her cell phone in order to film exactly what is going on and is subsequently pushed to the ground and laughed at.


Ironically, all of this happened during a free speech rally that was held by Trump supporters in Portland.


One Trump supporter wearing an American flag helmet was the only one who seems to care about the elderly woman’s well-being.


Sadly, this is exactly the type of stuff the lying liberal media continues to hide from the American public, mainly due to the fact that these are actual control groups that continue to assault Pro freedom of speech groups around the country.


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  • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

    I remember hearing stories of Union thugs of the 40s and 50s. Seemed to be supporters of the Democrats then too. 60s in Chicago, they were fighting each other. Idiots made one of the criminals a CA senator. The OWs marching left damaged, burned buildings, trash, etc. BO praised them. Ironically first excuse for march was the banks wanting to charge of debit accounts. $2 a month. After being mocked, they switched to banks, student loans etc. What would help everything is honest, ethical media.

  • David Mcvay

    Thoughts an comments,time to break bones of these punks an unmask them an lock them up..simple.

    • Larry Von

      reminds me of the brown shirts during hitler’s rise to power, did they ever try to stop them, did they try??

      • William Wilburn

        We are trying to form a group of patriots who are serious about fighting antifa at every event they show up to. We have less than 100 active members so far. If you really want to stop these thugs join us and spread the word so we can organize more members.

        • babanapeal .

          Get the cops to stay away at your rallies. These Antifa cowards will not show up without the cops to protect them.

      • DoraG38

        Also in this country during WWI when the anarchist coming for NYC and Seattle marched in boston and tried to shut down the War Machine. Same bunch, wore black and covered their faces.

  • Betty Castillo

    I’d have loved to see her pull out a weapon on them. That might of shut them up. Their disgusting !

  • beebee

    These losers would join ISIS. TERRORIST

  • beebee

    That would be elderly abuse.

  • Bob

    Why the face coverings? Are they ashamed? Or afraid the public might react if we knew their identities? If they are coming out expecting to be part of an ass kicking one day it’ll them….

    • Larry Von

      why doesn’t someone get the guts, and pull off their face masks…??!!

    • borderraven

      A shot of pepper spray will remove the masks.

    • WithoutRights

      The same reason bank robbers hide their faces, they are both criminal scumbags.

  • ProudHunter

    Antifa= terrorist organization. Where are the Feds????

    • Fay Butler

      Arrest and prosecute George Soros.

  • Satan

    These fascist antifa’s need obliterated

  • Lisa DeplorableMeep

    The face coverings shouldn’t be allowed, but sites like 4chan are figuring out who they are anyway. Put them out there and make the douche bags famous. They are terrorists thugs who beat up on girls and old ladies.

  • REE42

    MORONS ! ! !

  • You bunch of little beta bitches! Go back to your parents basements and stay there! How dare you do what you did to her!

  • howiej

    Where were the police? If the police are not there the city or town should be sued by whomever is harassed, assaulted or prevented from going where they want.

  • Leah

    They have no respect for life or country… Too bad good people cant protect themselves in that state..

  • Vince Kelly

    i think they wear the masks so that their moms dont know they are out there , for fear they might be kicked out of their mom’s basement apartment

    • Fay Butler

      Moms might come beat their butts.

  • Roger Long

    I watched the clip a few times, I didn’t see anyone pushing the lady down, maybe just wrong angle of the camera, but if somebody got in my face like that, I have a pocketknife that will find one of their legs or belly and if that don’t work out, I carry a 9 mm.

  • borderraven

    Mask plus group plus skateboard weapon plus assault with deadly weapon equals felony conspiracy to commit violent crimes charges.

  • KitKat

    They are Isis terrorists! #Antifa is #ISIS

  • Kat Schriber

    one on one they’re cowards! in a group they’re bullys. THEY ARE NOTHING!

  • Joseph Stonelake

    They should all be arrested and sent to GITMO as TERRORISTS !

  • Denise Christine Mahoney


  • Deborah Brown

    Remember the good ole days at Ohio State, when the stupid college kids protesting the Vietnam War had the National Guard called out on them? Well, after killing four students that silly rioting came to a quick end. Then afterwards all you heard were songs about those entitled bastards. This is apparently what antifa wants. Why not give it to them. Make em famous!

    • steve

      your sick too

  • jedotter


  • Brian Morgan

    These scumbag punks are Anarchists, they are not anti fascists, they are the fascists, they care about nothing and no one.

  • Fay Butler

    Real brave mask wearers attacking an old lady who only wants to cross the street.

  • drcreepy

    Can’t wait till someone drops a few of those junkies, losers and basement dwellers.

  • steve

    what a bunch of lowlife scum, knock down an elderly woman, who was alone, then laugh about it. a baseball bat and close up water canon would show these jerks some respect. then handcuffs and jail.

  • dwaynechamberlain

    Shoot those pricks.

  • Joe Skoholy

    phony pieces of shit hiding their faces

  • William Wilburn

    Okay, I hate antifa worse than most but nobody pushed this lady. This was staged and I might add very poorly acted out.
    Conservatives need to stop doing shit like this. We have the moral high ground. If we start pulling dirty tricks like this we will lose the huge public support we have because most people van see the truth of who does what in these confrontations.

    If you want to fight antifa for real join us at the link below.

    • Sarka Melen

      Most of these kids went through a heavily biased School and Education System used by the Marxist – Zionists exactly for this purpose. I think the American Public and the Parents ( paying for this School system huge amounts) have truly been asleep and allowed and even payed for their Kids to be turned into these Marxist-Fascist Thugs of Radical Anarchy. Who do not even have a clue what they are fighting for !!!

  • Stephanie Martin

    Yes just like terrorist and cowards hiding your face because they are ashamed of what they are doing and know they are in the wrong. The cops need to be at these functions and arrest anyone not allowing anyone to go where they want to go.

  • Adelina Flore

    Pieces of shit. ANTIFA call right wingers and conservatives fascist but in reality not only are they the fascists but they are also criminals.

  • Ruth Porter


  • Margaret

    I think that’s fake….

  • Margaret

    I don’t buy into this video. I’m a Trump supporter and elderly. Her actions are not true to form. It was a small group and she could have just gone around them And her fall was ridiculous if you look at it carefully. the last thing our side needs is nonsense like this.

  • babanapeal .

    These Antifa goons would have the IQ of a box of dead matches and NFI about George Soros and how he is using them for his own evil agenda.

  • John Ceglarski

    Open fire on anyone wearing a face covering!

  • Jeff Hill

    This website sucks. Can’t read the article for all the bullshit


    I despise ANTIFA…….With that being said, NOBODY did anything to this elderly woman, she either slipped and fell or faked being hit