UNREAL! NBC Nightly News Attacks Pres. Trump for Sharing a Drudge Terrorist Attack Tweet as ‘Unreliable’

The lying liberal media is at it once again, this time NBC Nightly News made a pitiful attempt to discredit a president Trump repost of an accurate Drudge Report breaking news Tweet discussing the terrorist attack in London.


Here is the original Tweet that president Trump reposted.


NBC pulled an unprecedented move and attempted to discredit the posts validity.



The Drudge post was accurate in its assessment of the terrorist attack being just that as he also had to live feeds posted on the site at the same time.


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  • y. Iamu

    Not only did they try to make out he made a false news post.
    Now they’re are (or if they’re not they should be) embarrassed that President Trump beat them at their own game. Reporting the accurate news first.

  • lilbear68

    that’s rich, fake news callin a drudge report ‘unreliable’
    these snowflakes and their fake news mouthpieces remind me of watching pinball they are bouncing everywhere just tryn to get a score and too stupid to notice the ’tilt’ light is on