“This piece of sh*t” CNN Host Becomes Unhinged on Twitter against Pres. Trump over a Travel Ban Post

The left seems to be becoming more and more unhinged on a daily basis as president Trump continues to use social media as a way to get around the lying liberal media and reach people directly.


This time, the Iranian born host who ate brains of the human being on CNN, Reza Aslan, decided to attack president Trump simply because he asked people to remain vigilant after the latest terrorist attack in London, while also asserting that this is one of the reasons we need to enforce his travel ban on the countries president Obama also issued bans on while in office.



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  • nomasillegals

    The only way to stop terrorism is to be proactive, not wait until people are killed, Send the refugees back to their countries, create a safe space for them. Of course we cannot do that because it wouldn’t be politically correct. The young men should be fighting for their country instead of coming to Western civilization where they cannot assimilate. They are only doing what their religion tells them to do.