#CNNisISIS Hashtag Went Viral on Twitter, so they CENSORED IT!

Yesterday the hashtag #CNNisISIS went viral on Twitter to the point that the leftists at twitter had to shut it down! During the “Pittsburgh, Not Paris” rally that was meant to counter the pro-Paris Accord protesters, numerous pro-Trump protesters in front of the White House were seen holding the signs with the hashtag, which was live streamed across the plethora of platforms and became an instant hit.


Numerous people holding up the signs also included the Kathy Griffin beheading President Trump picture that is now infamous and has cost the d-list comedian her sponsors and her tour.



As you can see by the graphs below, the hashtag went viral and was generating thousands of posts an hour, beating numerous other ‘trending’ hashtags before subsequently being removed..






I believe it’s safe to say that the censorship over at Twitter is equally as bad if not worse  than that of Facebook, who is systematically removing videos and posts that criticize everything from liberals to Islam. Including our own. (Story coming soon)

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