KNOWN Islamist Living in Manchester Claims Just 1 Day After the Terrorist Attack “Being Racist Is As Bad As Being a Terrorist”

A British-born Muslim, Harris Farooqi, who resides in Manchester, England, may have once been arrested for terrorist activities and held by authorities, but he believes the real terrorists are those who discriminate against Islam.

“What is an extremist? What is a sign of extremism?” Farooqi tells a BBC reporter.


“From my case when I was accused of being a terrorist it was said that extremism was practicing your faith. We were told that if you’re praying five times a day that’s the first step of extremism…” Farooqi says.


Then he makes the outrageous claim, “Look, no one agrees with extremism or terrorism in any form, but when you’re discriminating against a set of people within a community that lived in peace for many years, I think that’s extreme and racist and terrorism itself.


Many in the liberal media have echoed the same sort of examples as to justify why Muslims launch terrorist attacks against those in the west. Some networks, such as MSNBC have made it a habit of attempting to justify terrorist attacks against nations such as Israel.


But when you adhere to a religion that teaches its followers it will dominate the world and force all nonbelievers to convert, that is extremism.


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