CNN and MSNBC Try to Smear Trump as ‘Pushing A NATO Leader’ Aside, Problem is, They Were Smiling, and Montenegro isn’t in NATO

The liberal media once again decided to take an opportunity to take a pop shot at president Trump for joking around during the NATO summit with a fellow world leader. As you can see after the so-called push they were both clearly smiling and Montenegro Prime Minister actually patted president Trump on the back after he “pushed”him out of the way to get to the front, as NATO protocol dictates.


“CNN was quick to jump with the headline reading watch Pres. Trump push Prime Minister Markovic of Montenegro aside at the NATO summit”



CNBC ‘journalist’also did the same thing, but also added that the Montenegro Prime Minister was part of NATO. In which the country will soon be, but not yet. Making that an inaccurate statement.



As you can see by both videos the 2 world leaders are smiling after the so-called push, and you can even see Prime Minister’s hand around president Trump’s waist pushing him ahead to the front as NATO protocol dictates.


Once again we see just how far the lying liberal media is willing to go in order to slander president Trump. Like leaving out the fact it was President Trump who signed Montenegro’s NATO accession protocol, thus completing the ratification procedures in the United States.

Source: European Western Balkans


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