UK Academics Claim Telling Women Not to Drink Alcohol during Pregnancy Is “Sexist” and “Stigmatizing”

So-called experts at the University of Kent along with the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) are now going full blown idiot and claiming their research suggests that moderate drinking or even occasional binge drinking doesn’t cause any long-term damage to the unborn child.


Even pregnancy charities are now labeling the government’s guidelines, “alarmist”.


Their argument is that keeping women from drinking alcohol with their friends is somehow “stigmatizing.” While ignoring the simple fact that heavy drinking during pregnancy can result in fetal alcohol syndrome, which has been known to cause physical developmental and learning difficulties.


Dr Ellie Lee, Director of the Centre for Parenting Culture Studies at the University of Kent, took it one step further and went full blown feminist by proclaiming the “exclusion of women from an ordinary activity on the basis of a precaution” was “sexist”.


Public discourse has become very hostile and there is now an assumption that a pregnant woman holding a glass of wine is doing something absolutely wrong,” she said.


Women are being accosted, spoken to and started at in public.


People assume that just because you have had one drink you’ve had a bottle of vodka for breakfast.


BPAS’s director of external affairs, Clare Murphy, believes that despite numerous studies on the effects of alcohol on adults “There can be real consequences to overstating evidence, or implying certainty when there isn’t any.


Doing so can cause women needless anxiety and alarm sometimes to the point that they consider ending an unplanned but not unwanted pregnancy because of fears they have caused irreparable harm.


But just as importantly, it assumes women cannot be trusted to understand risk, and when it comes to alcohol, the difference between low and heavy consumption.”


Apparently, these groups seem more concerned about the mother not being able to have fun than they do the babies that are inside of them. Sounds a lot like Planned Parenthood’s method of getting mothers to abort their babies because their lives matter more.

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