Lifelong Democrat and Harvard law Prof. Alan Dershowitz: “Don’t See Any Evidence of Collusion” – “Even If There Was That’s Not a Crime”

Liberals heads continue to explode as more and more Democrats break the ranks of their liberal overlords and speak out against the fact that the media and their leaders are overplaying their hand, and have yet to provide a single ounce of evidence proving that Pres. Trump has colluded with Russia in order to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.


Last night on the FOX Business show “Risk & Reward” with Deirdre Bolton, Harvard law Professor Alan Dershowitz, who is also a lifelong Democrat, spoke out against the still unproven claims of collusion during an interview.



Well first of all I don’t see any evidence of collusion, and second even if there was major collusion, that’s not a crime. Even hypothetically if the administration or the candidate got together with the Russians and said, “Please help me become president. Do whatever you can to help me.” That wouldn’t be a crime… The most serious condemnations that have been made have nothing to do with criminal conduct. Collusion with the Russians is not criminal conduct.”


Perhaps this is why Democrats have suddenly put the brakes on calls for impeachment? Or perhaps they realize that the stories they continue to fabricate just aren’t gaining the traction they hoped and will possibly cause even more losses during the upcoming 2018 congressional elections.


Eventually, these Democrats are going to have to either put up or shut up about this whole Russian collusion thing they seem to be stuck on.


Democrats, until you provide some evidence, FINALLY, just let it go. Your candidate lost fair and square.

Well, not so fair, massive voter fraud and the liberal media were on her side, along with ALL of the top 3 Fake News stories of the election.

Sources: Fox Business News (Video Above) NY Times / Stanford University Study

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