WATCH: Texas Congressman Gohmert: I’m ‘Amazed Comey Appears to Be Confessing to a Crime’

If the James Comey memo is actually doing with the liberal media claims President Trump did with him, which is obstruct an investigation, then James Comey perjured himself under oath before congressional hearing and would in fact be confessing to a crime via his memos.


“I’m amazed that an FBI director and former prosecutor would be confessing to a crime the way that it appears that he is,” Gohmert said.


“If this [memo] happened a couple of months ago then it sounds [like] he has got to report it immediately and I’ve heard no evidence that he reported [it],” Gohmert said.


Rep. Gohmert pointed out how it appears as if Comey waited to release this to the press until it was “politically expedient.”


“[That] would make it a crime for him,” Gohmert said.


Under law (18 USC 4 and 28 USC 1361), Comey would have been required to immediately inform the Justice Department of any attempts to obstruct justice, that includes the President of the United States. Failure to do so would not only result in just criminal charges, Comey would also lose his license to practice law.


And since we know that James Comey never alerted anyone at the Justice Department, either he didn’t believe president Trump was attempting to obstruct his investigation as he also stated during congressional hearings, or he was attempting to withhold information in order to use it later to blackmail the president.


So this is either yet another witchhunt crafted by the liberal media in their attempts to stop President Trump, or James Comey perjured himself and broke numerous laws.


We will find out which is true soon enough.

Source: Fox News / Government Publishing Office

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  • CarolinaCries

    Oh I’m sure some liberal will spin it in their favor, whether the memo really exists or not. No one’s proven the memo even exists yet. It’s all media hype and a witch hunt until proof is shown.