California’s Governor Jerry Brown Just Had the Audacity to Call California Taxpayers “Freeloaders” For Objecting to a New Gas Tax

As California’s governor Jerry Brown welcomes millions of illegal immigrants into his state that is hemorrhaging funds because of his open doors policies, he has a message for those taxpayers who oppose new gas taxes, apparently you’re just “freeloaders.”

The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them … They have a president that doesn’t tell the truth and they’re following suit,” he said. Brown said this during an Orange County rally while defending state assembly newcomer Josh Newman who is currently facing of recall effort .


Currently California ranks 7th highest in the state gas tax category among all 50 states. Californians are taxed $.38 for every gallon of gas they purchase, which puts California at the second-highest state per gallon of gas in the entire country!


But if Gov. Brown considers taxpayers who aren’t willing to kick out even more money for gas taxes as “freeloaders”…

  • What about the 1 million citizens in Los Angeles County who collect food stamps?
  • What about the millions of illegal immigrants that currently reside in sanctuary cities?
  • What about the millions of illegal immigrants being educated at schools?
  • What about the millions of illegal immigrants currently receiving free legal help in order to fight president Trump’s policies?
  • What about the Sacramento legislature who gets paid hundred $70 a day in per diem funds on top of their bloated salaries?

Perhaps you should stop calling the people who actually pay taxes “freeloaders” and start looking at those who don’t pay any taxes at all is a bigger problem.

H/T: Breitbart / Red State
Source: 247 Wall St. (Gas Prices) / LA Times

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  • jamesrader

    interesting how the tax payers the citizens are FREE LODERS but the illegals that this will pay for are YAY we like them they are better than free loaders