OpEd: The Headline Coup… How Democrats and Establishment Republicans Are Using News Headlines to Launch a Coup Against Pres. Trump

Every day now you see another ridiculous headline claiming the Trump administration is doing something so illegal that it means he must be impeached or stopped by any means necessary… Until you read the article.


Sadly, the fact is, nowadays most people don’t even bother reading the articles that are posted on their Facebook or Twitter feed before voicing their outrage and parroting the headline as fact to friends and family, and the lying liberal media knows that (CNN has even admitted they believe the medias job is to stop him). So, what they do is formulate a ridiculous headline that, when reading the article, seems almost unattached.


For example, let’s take the Washington Post story about the President supposedly leaking classified information to the Russian Ambassador. (That in truth wasn’t said by the Pres. at all, and was actually WaPo overplaying their hand with classified information in order to play a game of “gotcha” with the President. But instead broke the law by revealing classified intel.)


At face value, it appears as if the President did something so wrong it begs for an investigation. But if you actually read the article, they admit the President did nothing wrong and that even if he were to have leak so-called “classified information” it is completely acceptable to do so in order to fight perceived threats against the American public.

According to legal analysts and secrecy experts:
The term classified information “means information which, at the time of a violation of this section, is, for reasons of national security, specifically designated by a United States Government Agency for limited or restricted dissemination or distribution.” The disclosure of classified information could lead to imprisonment for not more than 10 years or a fine or both. However, the president has the power to unilaterally disclose any material without having to go through a formal process, according to U.S. code 798.

Another good example would be the James Comey memo that liberals seem almost rabid over in their calls for the impeachment of President Trump. They claim he somehow attempted to impede on an investigation despite the simple fact that the memo was created 3 days after the FBI cleared Flynn of any wrongdoing.



How exactly can the President’s firing of Comey impede on an investigation that had already ended? And an even better question is how the phrase “I hope you let this go” could be an impediment on an investigation whether it was active or not? How could this possibly be an impeachable offense?


The answer is: It isn’t! And Democrats know this which is why they are working feverishly with the liberal media to create headlines so offensive it stirs up hatred towards the President before you’ve even had a chance to read the article which offers a completely different story than the headline itself.


The truth is, the media is doing all it can to stop President Trump simply because he found a way around them in delivering his message to the people. The truth is, Democrats are furious that he is undoing all the damage that the Obama administration has done over the last 8 years. The truth is, there are enemies that still work within the White House and the intelligence community that are not interested in “America first.” They’re globalist on a mission to stop anyone who dare attempt to thwart their agenda in creating an open bordered society where the government has the ability to control every aspect of your lives.


Don’t fall for their tricks! Read everything before drawing an opinion!


The media is controlled by a very small amount of individuals (6 Companies to be exact) in which all have a vested interests in created a global society in which they benefit from. Don’t fall for it!

Sources: Washington Post / NY Post / NY Times /Cornell Law / Business Insider

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  • Joseph Stonelake

    The Democrats will do or say anything to cause turmoil and havoc including starting false rumors in an attempt to undermine the President and our country for attention and control ! They should have respected the Office and the man but now it is obvious they are spoiled children who only care about their agenda to control and destroy America and the working people of America ! When this is over and they are exposed I hope they are all put on the curb for false rumors and TREASON due to undermining our highest office of our country the President and the respect it deserves around the world ! God Bless America and the hard working American people !