Variety Magazines Attempt to Brand Chelsea Clinton as ‘Powerful’ and ‘Cool’ BACKFIRES MISERABLY on Twitter!

The left’s latest attempt to brand Chelsea Clinton as the next big thing in politics continues to fail miserably. The latest gaffe was by Variety Magazine’s co-editor-in-chief, Claudia Eller, after making a post on twitter trying to pump up Chelsea Clinton as “cool.”


Needless to say, it backfired miserably! The coddled little rich white girl who spent her entire life milking money from her parents, donations via the corrupt Clinton foundation meant for Haiti hurricane victims, or US taxpayers, was absolutely skewered!

Townhall magazines Kurt Schlichter was the first to eviscerate the magazine and Clinton in just a few words.


But it didn’t stop there, then the edits began!

And the images exposing the Clintons as well is Chelsea shortly followed.

Something tells me that this issue may not sell as much is leftist think it will. But hey, at least Newsweek still has some issues up for sale.

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