Feminist Magazine Attempts to Link Climate Change to Racism, Declares It “Environmental Racism”

In the latest desperate attempt for leftist lunatics to link every one of their causes, a feminist magazine touted climate change as a racist and an “insidious form of violence” against towards “people of color.


The magazine, “Every Day Feminism,” posted an article on their website detailing “5 Alarming Ways That Climate Change Is Racist.


Now, while you try to contain your laughter while at work, try and read through this without spitting your lunch all over your computer screen or phone screen.


Here’s the list of reasons they claim that climate change disproportionately affects people of color.


The article claims “indigenous communities are at the frontlines of climate change” stating that “Permafrost (that is, permanently frozen subsoil) is responsible for keeping land intact and habitable along the Alaskan coast. The bad news: Alaskan permafrost is melting.” Apparently missing the fact that when permafrost melts vegetation expands, opening up new food sources for those that live in the area because wildlife returns, according to the US EPA.


The article then goes on to attack the Dakota access pipeline which has absolutely nothing to do with Alaska.


The article then goes on to claim that communities of color experience disproportionate exposure to toxicity.”


Where did they get this information you ask? A 1983 study by the NAACP that found the United States is exactly like the rest of the world, it puts the landfill’s closest to big cities. How dare they not drive all the trash hundreds of miles at it inordinate costs to taxpayers! (Sarcasm)


The study, published 1983, found that three-quarters of hazardous waste landfill sites in eight southeastern states were located in poor, Black and Latinx communities. The strong correlation between race and the location of hazardous waste sites was the cumulative result of racist local, state, and federal land-use policies.


As the NAACP writes: “Environmental injustice is about people in Detroit, Ohio, Chicago, Memphis, Kansas City, and elsewhere who have died and others who are chronically ill due to exposure to toxins from coal fired power plants and other toxic facilities.”


But it didn’t stop there! The article then goes on to state that “economic inequality intersects with race and gender.” Notice they slipped gender in there as well? Now, how you ask?


There’s a clear link between economic injustices and racial and gender injustices that manifests in how resources are distributed. Issues surrounding distribution of wealth – and the access of resources to leave unsafe areas – are highlighted by climate catastrophes.


So, because of Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans Mayor’s complete failure to listen to the federal authorities under Bush’s command at the time, which was subsequently covered up with the left wings claim that Bush himself was somehow responsible, they claim that because of that single catastrophe somehow this is somehow a “manifestation of a racist system that allows people of color to be targeted” apparently by hurricanes!


Then following the typical liberal mantra of linking their collective outrage within one article, they even throw in the ‘race wage gap’ and ‘gender wage gap’ nonsense.


The race-based wage gap is both structural and intersectional. While you might be familiar with the statistic that US women earn only 78 cents to the man’s dollar, the numbers are even more revealing when you break it down by race.

Compared to the white man’s dollar of earnings in the US, Latina women earn 54 cents, Black women earn 64 cents, and Native American women earn 65. For women globally, gendered wage inequality hovers around 15%.


But the lunacy doesn’t stop there!The article then goes on to claim that “women in communities of color carry the burden of intense weather events.” How, you ask? This is where it gets good! Because apparently according to a UN report by leftist organizations “natural catastrophes lead to rape of women and girls after flooding.” Nope! Were seriously not making this up!

In a natural disaster such Hurricane Matthew, women are often the last to escape, as they prioritize the safety of their family and children. Women and girls are also more likely to experience sexual violence in the chaos that comes after the flooding.

The article then goes on to claims “climate displacement is happening”, it cites numerous articles by left-wing organizations, left-wing politicians, the United Nations while failing to leave out the cold hard fact that this so-called displacement is nothing more than mass migrations that happen for thousands of years and will continue to happen as some nations grow richer and others stay poor. While taking more pop-shots at those rich whites, completely ignoring that India and China are now producing far more carbon dioxide into the skies than the USA or Europe is. But, they can’t admit that. It would undermine their narrative that its all the rich white men’s fault!

This is how desperate liberals have become. Attempting to link causes that have absolutely nothing to do with one another in hopes of getting just a smidgen more support for their failing causes. This article wreaks of desperation and is plagued with lies and propaganda in order to accomplish this goal.

That’s the left for you.

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