Google COMPLETELY IGNORES Easter, Yet Dedicates a Countdown Page to the Islamic Holiday of Ramadan

Once again, the leftist controlled company known as Google shows its true colors and anti-Christian ideology, today they decided to COMPLETELY ignore the day of Christs resurrection, also known as Easter.


Google owned company, YouTube, also bailed on the Christian holiday.


However you can can find a massive list of Holidays and Celebrations for people you’ve most likely never heard of in Google’s ‘Google Doodles’ section.


To make matters worse, Google has dedicated an entire countdown page to the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.


For those who still use the anti-Christian, and anti-American Search engine, we strongly suggest using ones such as  (most secure and private) or (great for getting factual answers in specific categories)

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  • NukeHollywood

    de-google your computer…it’s easy…fuck em!!!

    • Glenn Martin

      Thank’s For This Info. I’m Going To Share It With Everybody I Know!

  • பெண் உலக மூலம்


  • Glenn Martin

    It’s Time I SEVER ALL Ties With Google. Fuck Ramadan, Fuck the Quran and Islam And FUCK GOOGLE!!!

  • Slim

    Well fuck Google for discriminating.

  • Leessa


  • prolibertate


    Totally boycott Google

  • DrArtaud

    I’ve stopped using Google long ago. Search for something, copy the link, then go to use that link online by pasting.

    It doesn’t occur on all links, but if you use Bing, you get the address as intended by the web site. Look at this Google link from minutes ago.


    I added the X’s and Z’s to prevent it from creating a link and hiding the rest.

    This means everything proxies through Google. Of course, advertising is probably the reason, right? Not necessarily. It would seem to me that everyone that clicks on the link can be tracked by their ISP number at the least. Some Google addresses are very long compared to the simple address needed.

    So, if it’s something controversial, why help the govt, oops, I meant Google, database everyone that visited the link. Remember, in Europe, Google “accidentally” captured the account names and passwords for WiFi accounts while doing the Street Views. Accidentally? Really?

  • kaye gabel

    Good bye google