SMOKING GUN! Judicial Watch Obtains MORE Documents PROVING Obama Illegally Used the IRS To Target Conservative Groups

Once upon a time, it was suggested that the Obama administration had created an “enemies list” and planned on targeting those enemies relentlessly until his administration reached its end. Last week Judicial Watch released 695 pages of documents proving that so-called enemies list in fact real and being used to destroy groups such as the Tea Party and other “Patriot” groups.


According to the 695 pages of newly released documents containing open admissions by IRS officials suggesting that they were ordered to place inappropriate political labels on conservative organizations tax-exempt applications. While other records note that the IRS was going to require 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations in an attempt to restrict their political activities if the group submitted a request for “expedited consideration.”


Back in March, we discussed the 6,924 documents obtained after Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit regarding the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS under the Obama administration. Now we come to find out that 7,000 documents were in fact hidden from Congress and the American people exposing the Obama administration’s illegal activities in targeting members of his so-called “enemies list.


However, despite 695 pages of new documents released by the IRS, 422, or 61%, were completely blacked out! You will not be able to find this material anywhere in the Congressional database, the same database the IRS created in 2013 to help congressional inquiries into the IRS scandal. Proving yet again the Obama administration was doing all it can to keep this information private and hidden from the American public as well is the Congress the American people elected.


According to a August 9, 2013, memo, Karen Schiller, who was at the time the acting director for the Exempt Organizations Rulings and Agreements, admitted that the IRS was using political labels in order to target groups with keywords that we later found out included “Tea Party,” and words such as “Patriot.”
“EO Rulings and Agreements is undertaking a comprehensive review of screening and identification of critical issues. We intend to develop proper procedures and uses for these types of documents. Until a more formal process for identification, approval and distribution of this type of data is established, Rulings and Agreements will not use this technique to elevate issues.”


In the 2013 memo, Mr. Schiller put an end to the illegal activities by notifying the IRS agents to only screen organizations based on their activities,“not words” or “labels of any kind:”

“As Acting Commissioner Danny Werfel has said, the IRS has taken decisive action to eliminate the use of inappropriate political labels in the screening of 501(c)(4) applications. IRS policy is now clear that screening is based on activity, not words in a name. The new steps and current policies were outlined in the June 24 report, which noted: “In the absence of BOLO lists, the Determinations Unit will continue to screen for information affecting the determination of applications for tax-exempt status, including activity tied to political campaign intervention, but it [will] be done without regard to specific labels of any kind.” The 30-day report also reflects the June 20, 2013 memorandum, which was issued to officially suspend the use of the BOLO list in the screening process.”


The documents also include a “Dear [Applicant]” letter that offers an “expedited process” for 501(c)(4) groups in exchange for restriction on their activities:

“This optional expedited process is currently available only to applicants for 501(c)(4) status with applications pending for more than 120 days as of May 28, 2013, that indicate the organization may be involved in political campaign intervention.

In this optional process, an organization will represent that it satisfies, and will continue to satisfy, set percentages with respect to the level of its social welfare activities and political campaign intervention activities (as defined in the specific instructions on pages 5-7). These percentage representations are not an interpretation of law but are a safe harbor for those organizations that choose to participate in the optional process.”


So if you are looking for smoking gun on the Obama administration’s illegal activities in using the IRS as a weapon against groups that were protesting him, WE JUST FOUND IT! And that’s without the 422 pages that have been redacted and completely blacked out! Imagine what will find when they’re unveiled as well.


Be sure to share this and expose the truth because we can guarantee the lying liberal media will not show it anywhere!


H/T: Breitbart
Sources: Judicial Watch / IRS (PDFs Added to Judicial Watch – Links Above) /


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