New App ‘Manterruption’ Claims Men Interrupting Women Is “a Form of Violence” That Can Now Be Tracked On Your Smartphone

In case the crazy feminist in the United States weren’t already driving you nuts with their nonstop claims of everything being sexist, now they have an app that will tell you when you’re being sexist for interrupting some of their ridiculous rants!

Manterruption’ a new app created by app developer BETC São Paulo claims it has developed the app that’s capable of tracking “sexist behavior” that includes women being interrupted by men in order to stop “one of the types of violence against women.”


“At first glance, it may seem a small problem,” BETC São Paulo Co-CEO Gal Barradas said, “but reflects deeper issues of gender inequality at work and in society. The application is a way to show that, in fact, the disruption is real and alarming.”


“We want men to ask, am I doing it without realizing it?” continued Barradas. “After all, what good is having more women in a meeting room if no one listens to what they have to say?”


The app analyses users’ conversations, identifying male and female speakers and noting when a female user is “manterrupted,” and when a male user “manterrupts” a female. BETC São Paulo claims that “no conversations are recorded or stored: everything goes from voice to data, automatically.”


Of course the feminists were quick to praise the app in their reviews with five-star ratings and titles such as..

Thank you for empowering women!
by Empirical Evidence Feminist

Incredibly advanced feminist movement
by Henry Hobson

However, despite the comments on the YouTube video that ironically featured a series of men telling the women to stop interrupting them, being disabled, the 42 thumbs up compared to the 278 thumbs down at the time of this article being posted says it all!




Sources : Apple iTunesBETC São Paulo / Daily Wire


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