DESPERATE: MSNBCs Rachel Maddow just Trolled Millions of Viewers For Ratings and became a Mockery Instead

MSNBCs Rachel Maddow just hit a new low in desperation for higher ratings just one WEEK after we exposed a NY Times reporter begging for the IRS to leak Trump’s returns on Twitter. Maddow apparently beat him to the punch, with a year old tax release, and STILL failed to do anything other than prove Hillary Clinton, and the liberal media spent the last two years lying about how much taxes the President paid.

MSNBC’s gradual incline and rating since Pres. Trump was elected was most likely just halted dead in its tracks as Maddow pulled the publicity stunt that’s made her a mockery among even the most liberal of news agencies and websites.
Via Slate:
“Maddow would confirm these numbers, turning her big scoop about Donald Trump’s long-missing tax returns into a cautionary tale about overhype. Rachel Maddow, you played yourself—and us too.” – Willa Paskin

Via Obama’s former Adviser, Van Jones, on CNN:

What we actually learned is not only did both President Trump and Tucker Carlson beat her to the punch, the tax returns showed a completely different story than that promoted by the media, Pres. Trump actually paid more taxes (25% rate) than both Bernie Sanders (13%), Barack Obama (19%), and even MSNBC’s parent company, Comcast (24%).

Here’s a clip from the presidential debates where Hillary Clinton repeatedly claimed that Pres. Trump didn’t pay any taxes, although tax experts agree in 2005 he could have still claimed a loss after losing nearly $1 billion in the late 90s.

Of course the Twitter universe unleashed on Maddow’s attempts to draw viewers in like a swarm of hyenas circling dying prey.

Once Maddow finally released the dirt, things got much worse for her…


Needless to say, Rachel, you’ve officially become a bigger joke than you already were. Congrats on your rapid incline in viewership, picking up CNNs quickly dwindling crowd. But you just played yourself, and turned the internet against you.

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