‘American Badass’, Kid Rock, Just Showed his American Pride Like a True Patriot, by Blasting Foreign Made Grills with a Shotty Out of the Sky!

The American Badass, aka Kid Rock, decided to promote his grills in one of the most patriotic ways imaginable, busting off his Shotty into a bunch of foreign-made grills.

Just like @paigemduke said, "If it's not made in America…you don't want it."

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A highly original, and pretty badass promotion video Kid Rock posted on his Instagram account shows the rock star blasting foreign made grills with a shotgun as he promotes his brand-new, 100% domestic-made American BadAss Grills line.


“You know what’s American?” the host of the video says. “Catapulting foreign-made grills through the sky and shooting them down because they stink!”


Then you see a giant trebuchet launching a massive Chinese-made grill through the air as Kid Rock busts off a few shells into it after stating “This is what we think of ‘Made in China.”


Kid Rock ends the video by saying “In your face, China!”


His new grill  line is set to sell for $99.95 for a charcoal version, and a gas version will be available for $149.95, both embossed with Kid Rock’s American Badass eagle logo proudly for all to see.


“I’m not gonna lie. It is more expensive to make things in America. But it’s important to me,” Kid Rock said in a statement announcing the grill. “I love America, and I want to do all I can to create manufacturing jobs at home.”


Here is a few of the other badass videos posted to the Instagram account.

Join @kidrock and the movement to bring jobs home to America.

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"This is 100% pure American Badass."

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