VIDEOS: Future European Leaders Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen Are Fighting Back against Turkeys Attempt to Turn Europe Islamic

Turkey has been threatening the European Union with an influx of even more Muslim migrants from Syria and those who were just attempting to besiege Europe and take advantage of the crisis that is currently underway because of ISIS, and other terrorist factions that are currently operating throughout the Middle East. That’s about to stop!

Even as Germany’s Angela Merkel continues to placate the mostly Muslim men invading her own nation causing havoc, future leaders Marine Le Pen of France, and Netherlands Geert Wilders are not going to allow their countries to become overrun any more than they currently are.

Yesterday on Marine Le Pen’s official Twitter page she went off on Turkeys president for attempting to influence the French elections.

Translated :

While Netherlands own version of President Trump, Geert Wilders, activated full savage mode and went for the throat of not just Turkeys president, it also Islam as well. Geert went on to explain exactly how Islam and Western values are simply incompatible and that Western nations should stop the influx of those who refuse to assimilate and only come to dominate ASAP.

Based on recent polls in each country these are about to be the new leaders of both nations and the tide of Islamists getting exactly what they want shall soon turn.

Sources : Marine Le Pen’s Official Twitter / Geert Wilders Video (Above)

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