NOT AGAIN! Video CNN Doctored Showing Michael Brown Handing Marijuana to a Store Clerk Nearly Sparks a Riot in Ferguson Last Night

An old video that was shown on CNN yesterday and passed on as newly released footage showing Michael Brown handing a small bag of marijuana to a store clerk nearly sparked a riot at the Ferguson Market last night.

As you can hear in the clip above posted to their YouTube page, CNN hosts were attempting to make the claim that since Michael Brown handed the bag of marijuana to the store clerk he was somehow entitled the cigarillos and was not stealing them when he came back later on that day.

However, not only did CNN crop out the time of the video, they also cut the video short according to the lawyer for the Ferguson Market.

In this first video you can hear the lawyer explaining exactly what took place, and how the video was not only deceptively edited by CNN, but is actually old evidence that both the family of Michael Brown, as well as the opposing lawyer already had in their possession.

In the 2nd and 3rd video below you will see the crowd become even more enraged as they began berating police and apparently throwing things at the police before being chased off of the market premises.

4 arrests were made during the short but vocal protests.

According to St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s David Carson, 7-8 shots were fired at the Ferguson market, no one was hit.

We still don’t understand exactly why CNN decided to air the video acting as if it was a new video, nor do we understand why citizens of Ferguson are outraged that the video was shown.

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