VIDEO: SHE SLASHED HER OWN FACE! Blamed Trump Supporters! Michigan Woman Admits it was all a Hoax!

Another day, another hate crime supposedly carried out by Trump supporters revealed as nothing more than a made up story the mainstream media hopped on like a horny kangaroo!


This 21-year-old Michigan woman, Halley Bass, pleaded guilty on Monday to completely fabricating a story in which she claimed a white male approached her and slashed her face with a safety pin.

While in court on Monday the 21-year-old admitted she actually scratched her and face when she became frightened by a discussion during her literature class.
“I had been in a discussion in my women’s lit weirdly and there were a few people in my class that sort of said some things that scared me,” Bass said. She claims she was “suffering from depression at the time.”


According to reports, Bass notified police the “attack was part of the surge in hate crimes following the election of Donald Trump a week earlier,” Bass also stated that she believes she was simply targeted for safety pin that she was wearing in order to show Solidarity against Trump.

“The significance of the safety pins is that … to sort of like to show a solidarity with immigrants who feel threatened by Brexit. Um … but now it’s … for people who feel threatened by president elect, Trump’s his name … Um so it was, it was to show, yeah, solidarity with the people like we show your fear and we want to help you get through it,” the police report quotes Bass as saying.


Bass’s lawyers are attempting to get her out of the 93 day jail sentence, and/or the $500 fine by having her sentenced in a mental health court.


This would be the 2nd crime a Michigan student claimed happen after Donald Trump’s election that was completely fabricated.


Previously Ann Arbor police found absolutely no evidence of a Muslim woman’s claim that she was threatened to be lit on fire if she didn’t remove her hijab. Both stories garnered national attention at the time by the lying liberal media, however, after being revealed as hoaxes the same folks in the media refuses to even discuss the stories.

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