BOYCOTT US? WE BOYCOTT YOU! New Israeli Law Bans Foreigners Who Call for Boycotts Against Israel…

If you’re a foreign national who boycotts the Jewish state or the West Bank settlements, stay the hell out of Israel!

On Monday the Knesset passed a law that will officially bar foreigners who are attempting to boycott the Jewish state in an attempt to crack down on those waging war against companies and individuals who are supportive of Israel.


46 lawmakers were in favor of the legislation, 28 voted against it.
Currently it is not hundred percent clear when the law will officially begin to be enforced.


The law will also include the banning of people that are publicly boycotting West Bank settlements and products produced in the West Bank by Israeli citizens which rests on an already established law from 2011 that includes “all areas under its control.”


However, the law will not apply to foreign nationals who currently have residency permits and also allows the interior minister leeway to make exceptions. Existing laws already on the books give the interior minister the right to bar individuals from entering Israel.


MK Roy Folkman (Kulanu), who sponsored the bill, said the legislation was necessary in order to protect Israel’s “name and honor.”
“It is possible to feel both national pride and also to believe in human rights. It is also possible to defend the name and honor of the State of Israel and this is no embarrassment,” he said, according to a Knesset spokesperson.


One spokesperson for Smotrich even compared the legislation to president Trump’s travel ban against 7 countries the Obama administration had listed as havens of terrorism “without going into the policies of the [US] president, every sovereign nation must set its policies in accordance with what is good for it.”

Source : Times of Israel

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