LYING LIBERAL MEDIA / BUSINESSES / POLITICIANS: YOU ARE ON NOTICE. This is your One and Only Warning. Change. Or Else!

For the past 8 years, the lying liberal media has felt impervious to average Americans outpouring of anger over their perpetual lies, hatred, incitement of violence and unflattering words meant to demonize those who disagree with them. That stops now, or else.

Many Americans continue to sit back in horror and watch a newly elected president be berated by the lying liberal media, demonized as if everything he does is simply wrong, even when some of those things were only carried out due to the former administration’s requests that went unfulfilled. Such as the travel ban on the 7 nations that the Obama administration had listed as havens of terrorism. But facts don’t matter to these media elitists who were doing nothing more than inciting violence and anger at every turn with false narratives, half-truths, and just downright lies in most of their stories that are parroted by the same lying media heads that espouse everything they disagree with is somehow “fake news”.


Well, your time is up. Your networks are failing. No one believes you.


See, what you have failed to learn is that the Internet is a wonderful place for free speech, despite Twitter banning hundreds of thousands of popular Trump supporters, or Mark Zuckerberg’s feeble attempts to clamp down on so-called “fake news” by using well-known leftist agencies such as Snopes in order to fact check what is and isn’t real news, or Google’s attempts at altering search results in order to provide cover for leftist politicians who agree with their globalist agendas, knowing damn well most people aren’t clicking to page 3 in order to find what they’re looking for. You’re not fooling anyone, Eric Schmidt.

You too are all on notice.


See, as you fail to realize the errors in your ways due to your elitist, holier-than-thou attitudes, other’s are beginning to wake up and see they are being deceived, which is why sites like Twitter are losing actual members and being replaced by millions of fake accounts in order to artificially inflate numbers. However, your earnings reports are proof positive your business model of pushing a globalist agenda is doing more harm than good.


Wake up! You all are quickly becoming the new MySpace. And most of you know it! The numbers don’t lie!


Now, if you continue the charade of hatred, of oppression of those you disagree with, of attempting to silence dissenters, of inciting violence and/or praising violence against those you disagree with, actions will be taken in order to destroy your businesses and expose each and every news hack, politician, businessman, or company that takes part in these atrocities.


We will not just boycott you, we will destroy you using the same tactics in which you deploy against us, and then some.


News agencies, we have prepared a list of names of those who have incited violence and/or have taken part in acts of violence against conservatives, independents, and even former Democrats that will be posted along with a list of methods in order to expose and destroy you and your career. We are hereby giving you the option to exposure own networks, speak out against being forced to say things you know are factually incorrect in order to make political points. If you do so, we will ensure you have a new place of employment that will allow you to speak freely like the journalists of past. This is your chance. Take it.

You are on notice.


Companies/Businessmen, as you employee and serve millions of people you most likely disagree with on a daily basis we will give you the benefit of the doubt and allow you to change your tune in regards to political messages. We do expect apologies, but we prefer actions. If these actions are not met a series of posts will be made including lists of businesses that will become targets just as your fellow leftist organizations do, we will adopt and do the same but with far greater accuracy as we have watched, examined, and perfected the means in which you went wrong.

You are on notice.


Politicians, you were elected to do a job, DO IT! Do what you were elected for, finally represent all of the American people, not those who are paying you behind closed doors to fulfill their requests. We do expect some of you are too entangled in the webs you have created to ever find your way out, you will be first to be exposed. Methods in which you have carried out on other’s will be carried out upon you. We do not fear you, we want you to change. If you fail to do so actions will be taken in order to ensure you’re not only not elected ever again, but that you will go to prison and serve out the remainder of your lifetime there. For those who have not committed acts heinous enough for prison time, we would use the same means in which you deploy against your political opponents in order to make your life a living hell. Eye for an eye.

You are on notice.


We at Jookos News post this with confidence that some actions will need to be taken against many of these people and companies listed above. That will undoubtedly happen. We are prepared.


No longer will violence and intimidation be tolerated against those whom you disagree with, you have perpetuated hatred for so long that many don’t even know why they’re angry. Families have been broken up, relationships have been destroyed, friendships have been lost, all in the name of political differences. This ends now!
No longer will stand idly by and be berated by those who sit in their ivory towers attempting to dictate our lives.

No longer will the perpetuation of intolerance be received with welcoming ears.

No longer will Americans free speech be dictated by PC police, whether it be on college campuses or the Internet.

No longer will news hacks unbridled hatred be allowed to continue without an adequate retort.
We are confident we can reach an amicable agreement with the majority of sensible individuals on how to resolve this without further problems ensuing. Some will absolutely disagree, but they will not affect the harmony in which we will reach with others.


Like many of you, I have friends of all races, religions, and political ideologies that agree with me on 99% of the things that actually matter in life, things the media never even talks about. Not the fake outrage over subjects that don’t and won’t ever affect our lives that are played repeatedly until it eventually becomes embedded in one’s mind that they too should be outraged. It is with that understanding that I write this. I know that the overwhelming majority of us agree America is a great nation and were lucky to live in it. This is what unites us. This is why we shall succeed while those who perpetuate anger and hatred will fail.


So in closing, the time to change is now. If not, get ready because the backlash is just about to begin.

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