FED UP! Driver Plows through a Group of Los Angeles Pipeline Protesters Attempting to Hold them Hostage by Blocking Traffic

YOU SHALL NOT PASS? This driver had every intention on getting where he or she needed to go and was not going to have his rights infringed upon by a bunch of radical leftists attempting to hold people hostage at intersections because they wanted to make a political statement!

Perhaps Californians may look to adopt the same measures proposed by a Tennessee congressman, granting immunity to those who hit people on the roadways that are attempting to hold them hostage infringe upon the rights to travel freely on US roadways.

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  • jackell59

    why were they driving so slow, speed up as you get close they will move. Or they won’t who cares.

  • marhannah

    PEOPLE who are TOTALLY FED UP, put the PEDAL-TO-THE-METAL and let them FEEL it!!!
    Sooner, or later, they WILL get the ‘message’ and may very well have a ‘change-of-heart!’