Singer Joy Villa Leaves Jaws on the Floor at the Grammys in Her Make America Great Again Trump Dress!

Liberals at the Grammy’s were left speechless as singer Joy Villa whipped off a white Gown on the red carpet to reveal a “Make America Great Again” dress, with Trump written on the back!

UPDATE: Joy Villa’s Album Sales Jumped 54,350,100% thanks to American’s who are tired of liberal Hollywood! Be sure to head over to Amazon and grab her hottest single entitled “Empty” or her EP Entitled “I Make Static.”

UPDATE! Joy Villa’s“I Make Static” just hit #1 on Amazon!




The outrage among leftist came swiftly on Twitter.



However the abundance of Twitter seemed to voice their support.

UPDATE! Joy Villa has released a song in response to the liberal outrage on her YouTube Channel. “We are the Champions”


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