HYPOCRITES! Anti-Voter ID March Orchestrated by the NAACP Requires You to Bring a Photo ID

The North Carolina State conference of the NAACP is still attempting to stir outrage over the possibility that voter ID laws may become a national requirement. However in order to attend their past Marches the NAACP listed a series of requirements that ironically included bringing a photo ID in order to attend.

I guess it’s safe to say that the NAACP is disenfranchising its own people from attending their events. RACISTS!


As you can see in the scanned image of their 2014 protest flyer that was handed out to would be participants, the ninth to do includes the following.

  • Do bring photo identification (driver’s license, passport or other valid photo ID) with you and keep it on your person at all times.


If they were looking to be proven is hypocrites, mission accomplished.


We promise not to point out all of the states in which the NAACP is suing to stop Voter IDs from being required to vote. Whether it be North Carolina, or Michigan (specifically Detroit, you know, where most of the Dems are), or Texas, or Tennessee, or Missouri, or South Carolina. Nope. We promise not to mention all them, or the fact they happen to be states Democrats have been struggling in recent elections.

We won’t even point out how the NAACP told people to try and vote illegally without IDs in states that require them.

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