WATCH! Citizen Journalist questions LAX, Anti-Trump Protesters, it doesn’t go well at all!

When citizen journalist Austen Fletcher traveled to Los Angeles international Airport on Monday to speak with those protesting Pres. Donald Trump’s executive order banning seven countries the United States is currently at war with, pure stupidity ensued.


While speaking to protesters outside the Tom Bradley international terminal, Fletcher quickly realized that the level of intelligence among those protesting was limited at best. One of the protesters stated that Trump signed the executive order because 9/11, however he failed to include the right countries despite later admitting the terrorists were actually trained in the countries that were banned.


“He did it because of 9/11,” the protester said. “But the countries that the terrorists were from aren’t even in the ban.”

“The countries that he is banning don’t have — you know they’re not the terrorists that came for 9/11.” This is when Fletcher interjected it notified the dip shit that the terrorist actually did train in those countries that were included within the Trump’s travel ban, she responded, “Right, that’s true, but they didn’t come from those countries.”


Later this same master woman admitted to having “one-on-one conversations” with extremists from Syria before later backtracking on her statements. “You need to know exactly what sources you’re getting your information from because if you ask anyone in Syria right now, they’ll tell you that they had a perfectly fine democratic society,” she said.


Fletcher also notified the woman how homosexuals are treated in Syria, often violently killed by being thrown from rooftops or bridges as well is hung from cranes for all to see. Her response “That’s Syria!”


This woman even admits she didn’t vote in the election! Play with the bubbles

H/T : The Blaze

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