INCREDIBLE! Two Maps Show Trump DOMINATES Clinton BIGLY in Land Mass!

Geographically, Donald Trump absolutely destroys Hillary Clinton and overall landmass of United States according to these two maps.

Trump won more than 80% of the counties across the United States of America! So for all you folks protesting in the streets about how the election isn’t fair because of the popular vote, think about this map, and think about Hillary’s map just below it. Now, would it be fair for that small portion of the United States to dictate with the overwhelming majority of the United States thinks? I didn’t think so! And that’s why we have an electoral system! 


Trumps America



Clinton’s Americamap-of-counties-around-the-united-states-won-by-hillary-clinton

According to these two maps, Clinton one exactly 15% of America, roughly 530,000 mi.². Donald Trump on the other hand won 85% of America’s landmass, roughly 3,000,000 mi.².


Source : NY Times

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