EPIC RANT : Adorable Little girl absolutely destroys Hillary Clinton “she’s bad,” “she needs Jesus, she needs God,” “Trump is the greatest”

A brand-new video of an adorable little girl going off on Hillary Clinton is going viral the same day we find out what Hillary’s Campaign REALLY thinks of the “Youth Voters” of America, they’re “F*cking dumb”. The little girl starts with the little girl saying “Hillary, nobody likes Hillary she’s a bad person .”


The little girl makes it clear within seconds who her support goes behind “Donald Trump is the, the, greatest person in the, the whole world!” The little girl says emphatically.


The youngster continues on “Hillary should be ashamed of herself, she needs God, and Jesus, she REALLY needs God.”


“I love Donald Trump, you are the best person that I ever heard in my whole entire life.”


The little girl and her video by saying the same thing millions of Americans across the country are thinking “Never say you like Hillary, she so bad.”

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