“How many dindus did a dindu, do, if he dindu nuffin?” OMG! Black Lives Matter is Losing It Over this Song!

Get ready to erupt in pure-unfiltered laughter to to the point your cheeks hurt and your lungs are stretched! This song by a mixed American about Black American’s will leave you in stitches.

As you can see by the comments on the video people of all races and walks of life are praising the video, “he woke AF,” one black man’s comment says.


A black woman points out that despite the video exposing stereotypes, they agree with them and love the song.
“Best blanket statement stereotype song I’ve heard that’s actually good.”


Other comments from mixed race individuals also seem to praise the song.
“I’m a half fucking white male myself and I love this song”



do you think martin luther king’d be singin
if he heard about all this bullshit blingin
and chingy and chains,
niggy hear what i’m sayin,
yes you’re fucking insane
if you think the system hates you,
yes i will debate you,
you’re the one whose fate you insist is destined to fail
that’s why you ended up in jail
that’s why you dont send more emails
for a job
now tell me you yourself the most in life
that you weren’t about that shitty roller coaster life
up and down and in and out of jobs no closer wife,
still got a kid or two, that’s a “you aint sposed to” life
72% of daddies dispose kids life
yo nigga, stop having kids before you’re 20
it isn’t funny, you don’t have money,
how you gonna move em out the jungle?
it’s an every day struggle,
my momma’s nearly 50 crying no man to help her juggle,
her cancer her cats her finances her substance addiction
this is my life yes the truth it’s not fiction
where’s the blame when you’re in no position,
can’t feed yourself, let alone another,
need to learn about safe sex,just phone a brother,
or google, or pay attention in your health class,
teacher doesn’t give a fuck, now he gets the stealth pass,
mother never notice he aint showin up and smokin hell grass
now jerome’s on the street getting his ass kicked
by the police and his bro maurice tweets
that he didndu nuffin

no he dindu nuffin
he dindu nuffin
how many dindus did a dindu if a dindu nuffin (x2)

I got a question –
where are the parents?
mine was so good,
acted so caring,
moved me out the hood,
a good education is all that she wanted for us
and sometimes she’d spoil and stunt all on us
with them video games, but no SAT Review book,
mom please don’t hate me, your wallet, wont you look,
into yourself yes my mother, black brothers,
be better with money, and honest with all the other,
manifestations of self sabatoge
trust me cause i know it, it’s my fucking job,
had a silver platter, but i am the one who robbed,
myself of success,
noi’m running up hell trying to clean up this mess
and i’m trying my best and my best just can’t cut it
but i can’t stomach the thought that i’m somehow a victim
i reap what i sow and i sing what i’ve written
i write what i think and i think that we need more black leaders
cause the ones we elected always defeat us

so then i say what i think and they say i think white
and i talk white, last name’s white so they say aiight,
light complexion, subjection, the name’s john
always so quick to call me uncle tom,
nigga i’ve heard it, that means i’m no pawn,
who will one day own a house with a lawn and not a shit housing project,
budget myself so finances i’ll prospect,
sorry bout my skin,
sorry bout my black daddy too
i’m just john thaddeu
the reason that they askin is he natty you,
recognize eugenics on the low low,
maybe that’s what you always screamin shoutin so so,
pulpit preachin racial propaganda that’s a no no
ignorance is culture ebonics so nasty yo yo,
maybe companies don’t want to brand themself with your ignorance,
and maybe you know it and that’s why hate’s lingering,
the truth aint sweet to you instead it’s always bitterand,
that’s why you sayin “dindunuffin” on twitter man


dinduismAmerican’s are waking up, they’re witnessing the destruction of their communities and are tired of it. They see the thugs in the streets being given free reign over entire communities, while cops are shunned, and those within the communities are plagued with violence, or threats of violence if they expose the crimes that continue to keep many in the inner city stuck between a rock and a hard place.


They can either risk their lives by telling police, or risk their lives by not telling police. Sadly, these are the choices many in inner cities are given, and with the latest liberal assault on police, many are choosing to side with those terrorizing their communities.

This version has words below the video.

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  • Bryan

    “as they repeat they narrative”. That made me spit grape drink all over my keyboard.