[GRAPHIC] WAR : Dead bodies for miles, Eiffel Tower Burning, French Military Deployed




We have compiled a GROWING list of Images and Videos from the France terror attack. So far details are hard to come by however the images speak for themselves. Yet another terrorist attack, presumably by ISIS has erupted near the Eiffel Tower which is now burning as you can see in the videos below. Gunfire and grenade explosions have been reported by France’s Le Figaro newspaper.

UPDATE : Here is a news report of the current situation. (73 Dead as of 7:08 EST)


Here is a video showing the terror attack unfold.

Here is a different view of the attack.

Frenchman seeing their fellow citizens being run over flee for their lives.

GRAPHIC : Dead Bodies and blood litter the streets.

The Eiffel Tower is on fire as a gun and grenade battle continues. French Police and Military are heavily engaged in a gun battle.

CORRECTION :  Reporters Eiffel tower report was proven incorrect. Eiffel Tower was NOT attacked, smoke was from fireworks, explosions sounds were from celebratory fireworks. 

Here are some images showing the gruesome the aftermath.

NICE France terror attack (1)

NICE France terror attack (6)

NICE France terror attack (2)

NICE France terror attack (3)

NICE France terror attack (4)

NICE France terror attack (5)

NICE France terror attack (7)

NICE France terror attack (8)

NICE France terror attack (9)


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UPDATE 9:09 EST 7/14/2016 :

This video was filmed by Grace Ann Morrow in France, Grace is an American citizen who happened to be just a few hundred meters from the violence that plowed into citizens.


UPDATE 9:12 EST 7/14/2016 :

ISIS and Al Qaeda have specifically called for the type of attack that just happened in France


UPDATE 9:16 EST 7/14/2016 : Celebrities and Politicians speak out on Twitter voicing their condolences and support with France through this troubling time.

UPDATE 9:16 EST 7/14/2016 :

French hospital is flooded with victims

French hospital is flooded with victims

bodies-593320 scene-593279

ISIS posted this picture on their Twitter page voicing support for the terror attacks in France

ISIS posted this picture on their Twitter page voicing support for the terror attacks in France





armed-593337 loose-593336


The attacks were coordinated with the fireworks display in order to confuse people into believing it was only fireworks, not explosions and gunfire.


UPDATE 9:21 EST 7/14/2016 : Artists have taken to Twitter in order to show support for the victims of the terror attack, including Banksy.



ISIS Has begun celebrating the attacks on Twitter via unofficial channels.

isis celebrates france attacks

UPDATE 11:03 EST 7/14/2016 :

Weapons and grenades found in truck, “heavy weapons” according to French police.  80 confirmed dead. 20 seriously hurt.

UPDATE 11:03 EST 7/14/2016 :

WITNESS : “I saw bodies flying like bowling pins,” “its a scene of horror,” “sounds made that I will never forget,”

WITNESS : “can’t stop shaking, hate that my boys had to experience this, why did I make them, and why did I take them to this event?,”

REPORTER WITNESS : “it didn’t sound like Paris, it sounded like Beirut, it was a war zone,” “it was just awful”


UPDATE 11:09 EST 7/14/2016 :

France extends curfew 3 Months.

UPDATE 6:01 EST 7/16 :

[Multiple Angles] Muslim migrants are now attacking Truck drivers, burning them alive if they resist

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  • David McGee

    When are they going to start protecting the people??? To solve the problem first you must eliminate the threat.

    • Rhonda

      When the leadership of the countries FINALLY admit that the cause of the problem is the Muslims that they allowed into their countries. Until then, it’s going to continue, until Islam has full domination of the entire world.

      Unfortunately, leadership will not admit it, and it’s going to continue, for the Word tells that this is what is going to happen. EVERYTHING that the Word said would happen in our world history, has, is, and is going to happen… it is the ONLY document that has proven itself over and over again that it is 100% accurate. Not even Nostradamus can claim this level of accuracy. When are people going to trust and believe in the Word, who is Jesus Christ, Himself? This is the ONLY way to save yourselves.

  • Any person who is hostile to France should be deported from France. And since once France had a king who was also king of Poland, Polish people should all become citizens of France. And also, France and Poland should improve their political relationship with Russia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5XT2BBmUI0

  • William s mattis

    It’s becoming a kill or be called world. What is wrong with Humanity I swear to God and I don’t even believe in God but I do believe in a higher being and all you Isis and other terrorist and the new groups are terrorists here in America and old terrorists in America such as the KKK or the black lives matter group all these people are being destructive hurting other people be at all they want to preach is life life life but what they’re doing is taking life ignorance is a specialty on this planet intelligence is a rarity

  • Leona Henry Cude

    Why is news sensoring this. I didn’t even know this happened. Googled Paris news and only came up With 2015 attack? Had to go
    To my Facebook page to get the news.
    It’s like havi g a bully problem in your school and then the school decides to transfer all the other schools bully’s in so they don’t feel judged… Q. Will bullying stop or will it be ramped? This is a reframe of the USA and other countries letting bully’s into their country. This doesn’t stop bullying it actually encourages them to negatively affect other people at best. If a child is misbehaving you don’t reward the behavior.