DNC already crying racism and flat out lying as they beg for money over Supreme Court Voting Rights Act decision


Here we go again, more fake cries of racism from the left followed with immediate calls for people to send them money. It seems that they’ve resorted to doing two things, screaming racism and begging for money in recent years. Typical debate with a liberal… “Obama eats Raisin Bran? Eh, I prefer Total K it tastes better” – Conservative. “That is seriously racist, you radical conservative :: starts fundraiser to support Obama and beg’s Raisin Bran to endorse it ::” – Liberal.

VIA Washington Examiner :

The Democratic National Committee was swift to slam the Supreme Court’s decision to gut the Voting Rights Act as “an injustice.” And they’ve already started to raise money off the decision, with plans to target Republicans they claim are fighting voters’ rights.

“We faced a setback with the Supreme Court’s decision today, that’s for sure. I can’t sugarcoat that. But I hope you won’t give up, because let me tell you — I am most certainly not giving up. Stand with Democrats who are fighting Republican attacks on voting rights,” urged DNC member Donna Brazile Tuesday in her note posted below.

Friend —

The Voting Rights Act, first signed into law in 1965, was a keystone victory of the civil rights movement. American citizens withstood beatings, fire hoses and dogs to see the law passed. Some even gave their lives.

And for decades since, the law has protected the right to vote for millions of America’s citizens— regardless of faith, color or creed.

Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court striking down parts of this important law is more than a disappointment — it’s an injustice. But we can’t let it discourage us or force us out of this fight.

There is so much more work we can do to ensure everyone has the right — and the ability — to vote. That’s the work Democrats are doing every day.

Say you’re with me and Democrats who are fighting to protect the right to vote for all Americans— add your name today.

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