Candy Crowley forced to admit she was wrong about Obama’s Libya statement she defended

WOW! That was quick. It hasn’t even been a day and she was already forced to admit she flat out misled the viewers on what Obama actually said. Kind of sad her own colleges at CNN were forced to expose her.

Via Twitchy

Candy Crowley now admitting Romney was right on Pres. Obama’s Libya remarks.

Justin Hart (@justin_hart) October 17, 2012

Now, they tells us?

Twitchy told you immediately during tonight’s second presidential debate that President Barack Obama and CNN debate moderator Candy Crowley falsely characterized his Rose Garden statement about Benghazi in front of an audience of millions.

Forceful pushback from social media and the Romney camp has CNN on the run.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper says that Obama / Crowley were wrong on #Libya statemetn.#Benghazi was not called an act of terror in Rose Garden.—
NY for Mitt (@NY4Mitt) October 17, 2012

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