Liberal Cali Democrat Minority Leader Pelosi Rakes in $400k at home of Women who Ousted Occupy Protesters

So first she supported the Occupy protesters, then she didn’t when they threatened to protest the DNC, now she’s raising $400,000 at the home of the lady who had them ousted from Zuccotti Park? Maybe they should stop trying to start fights at CPAC and go Occupy outside of Nancy’s home like Unions did to bankers.

Politico Influence reports that House minority leader Nancy Pelosi and minority whip Steny Hoyer raised $400,000 last night at a fundraiser held at the home of Democratic lobbyists Heather and Tony Podesta. Heather Podesta runs the firmHeather Podesta and Partners.

Heather Podesta’s clients include liberal bogeymen such as the for-profit education industry and Brookfield Asset Management, the real-estate company that owns Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan and which ultimately gave the NYPD the green light to evict the Occupy Wall Street movement from its grounds in November 2011. Pelosi is a vocal supporter of the occupiers, having once said, “God bless them.”

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