Above the Law : Obama Ignores Judges Request to Appear in Court

Wait, so Obama thinks he can’t be told by courts what to do? Whodathunkit!? Wait, that’s right, he’s already admitted he will ignore even a supreme court ruling against ObamaCare and enact it any way… and already has broken the law when attacking Libya with out congressional approval. So Obama really thinks he is above the law.

(White House Dossier) President Obama will ignore an order by an Atlanta judge to appear in court Thursday for a hearing in a case challenging his qualifications under the Constitution to be president.

According to the White House, Obama will continue with his current trip out West, starting the day in Las Vegas and then continuing on to Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado before heading to Detroit where he will spend the night.

The Associated Press reported last week that the judge had denied a motion to quash a subpoena for the president to show up for the hearing, which is scheduled for 9 am ET. Obama may still be sleeping – it will only be 6 am in Las Vegas.

The case centers on whether Obama, whose father was Kenyan, qualifies as a “natural born citizen,” as required of a president under the Constitution. Some contend that “natural born citizen” means both of a presidential candidate’s parents must be U.S. citizens.

Read the full story on the White House Dossier…

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  • Questionman

    why can’t these racist let this go. It’s been proven over and over and over again – I guess nothing this great man does is good enough yet they defend the GOP ‘hero’s who are proven liars, cheaters and frauds over a true Family Values guy, which actually give more insight into the bigots than anything else.

    The whole birther movement is racist to the core.

    • TheTruth

      Another post with Questionman labeling some thing racist that has nothing to do with race. Why did the site owner not delete this morons comments? Clearly this tard thinks even posting this is racist!

  • Thomas

    WTF@Questionman’s stupid comment. How is it racist to want ALL the evidence Obama is a real citizen after he described himself as Kenyan born on video? you can also find a NYTimes article he participated in saying he was born in Kenya.

    Learn the facts before labeling people racist.