Hypocrisy Alert : Democrats Claim Romney not paying Fair Share, but Support John Kerry who paid Even Less

So once again Democrats are trying to ignore history so they can relentlessly focus on their new ‘fair share’ talking point. Liking Republicans to greedy vultures who are all rich and refuse to ‘share’ with the less fortunate. Meanwhile Democrats doing the same thing aren’t even brought up. Goodness, the democratic party should really change its name to the ‘Hypocritical party’… It definitely fits better. Sadly though, most people will never know about this fact. So do share to your Obama supporting Democrat and Occupy friends…

(The Hill) The Democratic National Committee blasted Mitt Romney for “not paying his fair share” after tax returns released Tuesday showed that he owed less than 15 percent of his income in federal taxes.

“Mitt Romney used every loophole in the book available to the wealthiest and large corporations to avoid paying his fair share,” Patrick Gaspard, the DNC executive director, said on a call with reporters Tuesday.

Gaspard accused Romney of “ducking and dodging the tax return issue” and of not releasing enough information about his finances, noting that prior presidential candidates had released multiple years of disclosures. He went on to demand, at the least, Romney turn over his records for the past five years.

“There’s no doubt that he has not released sufficient information for Americans to be able to evaluate his investments and whether he has any financial conflicts that could cloud his judgment,” Gaspard said. “When Romney was being vetted by John McCain’s campaign, he thought McCain was entitled to 12 years of returns.”

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