DESPICABLE : Democrats Use MLK Day to Campaign Against Republicans

We just posted about South Carolina’s Democratic Party Chair scolding Republicans for holding a primary on MLK day, how ever Attorney General Eric Holder took what was supposed to be a speech about MLK and turned it into a campaign speech for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.

The Attorney General also decided to use MLK Day to bash Republicans for, get this, requiring a ID to vote in US Elections. Which the last time I checked was only to ensure legal US Citizens are allowed to vote in US elections. Meanwhile, White House adviser Valerie Jarrett spoke at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta where Dr. King preached to attack Republicans.

Sadly, once again Democrats have used Martin Luther King Jr Day to push a agenda MLK himself would surely have disagreed with. Especially considering MLK himself was a lifelong Republican.

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  • John

    This is somewhat of a misrepresentation of history, doudly so when it comes to MLK and the idea he would be a Republican in this day and age. The Republican party was founded as a progressive anti-slavery pro-modernization (essentially anti-south) platform in the mid-1800s. In the very late 1960s there was somewhat of a polar switch in the two largest parties. The Republican party switched from being largely northern progressives and civil rights leaders to include more evangelicals and southerners, and while continuing to push for conservative fiscal policies they started to support much more conservative social policies. The Democratic party did a similar reversal. That is why Strom Thurmond, the very model of a hard line Republican late in his career, was a former anti-civil rights segregationist and a Democrat prior to the 1970s. So yes, while MLK and the people in that image were labeled republicans in their day, if it was today, they would likely not be identified as members. The only thing we can be sure of is to to make any insistence either way is foolish and ignorant.

    • Sorry John, but the Republican party has not changed since the 60s-70s just what is said about the republicans has on mainstream media. Which clearly you have bought into. In the past two decades alone DEMOCRATS have been the ones who have voted overwhelmingly against bills that would have helped minorities. This is mainly because they have moved from the party who openly endorsed slavery, to the one who uses government entitlements to enslave people.

      Martin Luther King agrees with today’s Republican party on a overwhelming majority of the issues, from religion, abortion, fiscal conservatism, to social equality. The only difference is the media constantly lying about what MLK would have supported. Despite what MLK actually did support still being available all over the place. From videos, to his own writings.

      MLK was a Republican, and would still be. Fact. Non-Debatable.